Information On Aquarius Astrology


   Date Range:      January 20 – February 18

   Symbol:             Water Bearer 

   Quality:             Fixed

   Day:                   Saturday   

   Spirit Color:     Blue

   Flower:              Orchid

    Metal:              Uranium

   Greatest Compatibility: Sagittarius

   Element:              Air

   Ruling Planet:      Saturn/Uranus

   Ruling House:     Eleventh

   Polarity:                Positive

   Season:                 Winter

   Perfume:               Lemon Verbena

   Lucky Number:  1 & 7

   Lucky Gem:         Amethyst

Top Love Matches: Libra


The Water Bearer is the emblem of the Aquarius sign, pouring out his abundance to quench the world’s thirst. For this reason, many individuals wrongly assume that Aquarius is a symbol of Water. Water was the element linked to the domain of feeling, empathy, and intuition by the ancient sages. Aquarius, however, is not a symbol of Water. Air, the domain of thoughts, is the factor associated with Aquarius. In general and theoretical words, people born under Aquarius like to think and want to “pour out” their thoughts to quench the world’s intellectual thirst. Being mistaken for a sign of Water is a very significant indicator of an important lesson for Aquarians. Water symbolizes thoughts and empathy, and it is often considered that Aquarians lack both of them.

Importantly, Aquarians are motivated, concerned about the welfare of all, to invent solutions to the problems of society. They’re the mad scientists and the absentminded zodiac professors. To do this, a freethinking mind is needed, unfettered by tradition or fear of upsetting the status quo. Aquarians, learn from the past to change what they find distasteful in the present, for they build the future they dream by doing so. The emotional distance needed to clearly see the problems of society and to try to fix them makes Aquarians appear to lack empathy for the struggles of individuals. Aquarians should evaluate the acts they intend to do to make sure they are not detrimental to others, even though it is not their aim to hurt others.


One of the four Fixed Sun signs in astrology is Aquarius (Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio are the other three). Fixed signals are tight, stubborn and enduring. They are those who bring consistency to see things through. One of the three air signs of astrology (the other two are Libra and Gemini) is also Aquarius. Air reflects the mind, thoughts, and ability to think; Aquarian thoughts may be uncommon, or even original, but they appear to stay fixed once they are created. Whenever a dilemma concerns what they consider is a matter of faith, Aquarians refuse to budge.

If an Aquarian has finished theoretically thinking about a subject, she lets her scientific mind take a break and returns to the world of feelings. Really, with those less fortunate, she can quickly find herself overwhelmed by feelings of empathy. This is what drives her to come up with solutions to the urgent issues facing society in the first place.


  • Friendly and easygoing.
  • Likes groups and
  • Can be totally eccentric.
  • They are intuitive thinker with a practical side.
  • Have a wide variety of interests.
  • They are involved with humanitarian causes.
  • Have a mind of their thoughts.
  • They detached at times.
  • Have a very ethical, moral code.
  • They are attracted to the mystical and the occult.
  • Seeks to develop ideas and communicate them.
  • Have a wide circle of friends from all walks of life.
  • They accept the many differences among people.



1) Communicative

2) Thoughtful

3) Inventive & original

4) Independent thinkers

5) Scientific and intelligent


1) Stubborn and tactless

2) Worried with curiosities

3) Unwilling to compromise

4) Perverse, with eccentric habits

5) Surprisingly lacking in confidence


1) Fame or recognition

2) Eccentric friends

3) Travel to exotic places

4) Learning about the world

5) Surprises and brilliant ideas


1) False advertising

2) Any kind of rip-off

3) The herd mentality

4) People who are boring

5) Being taken for granted


Aquarians constitute two completely different classifications. The lucky ones are tall, angular and really slim and that they stay that approach throughout their lives, with perhaps a touch thickening around the waist. With terribly outstanding noses, these Aquarians have long faces. Her eyes are often terribly blue or flare grey in white races, and her look is incredibly targeted and quite magnetic. Males like better to lose their hair instead of from a spreading bald spot from a receding hairline, and each sex will have terribly fine hair that’s troublesome to handle. The second variety of Aquarian is brief and so terribly rounded. These subjects have flat faces that are fairly deadpan, and are generally endowed a lot of nicer hair than the opposite kind.


Each aquarist is special, so individual they are not even their brother Aquarians or anyone else. Each aquarist is special. There are quite Aquarians and noisy ones, good ones and mean ones, but all of them are smart and studious. This symbol is noted for eccentricity and for original thinkers, and the one archetype that seems to match best is that of the professor absent.


Aquarians love astrology or love it. A friend of mine who did not care the least about the subject once told me that both he and his wife were aquariums, seven other family members were aquariums, and none of them was the less than anyone else. He told me that this was a sure indication that in the astrology of the sun sign, there is absolutely none. Well first, it is a pretty astrological factor to have a high number of sun signs in a household. We have seven Leos and six Scorpio in my own small family, and those who don’t belong to these signs have them on their birth charts or are heavily affected. The other reason for astrology is that nine aquariums in one family are all different because aquariums are – well – different; also from one another!

Firstly, these really smart people do not think like most people. They cannot act like sheep or believe what is told them, and their own opinions are extremely strong. It is good that most watermelons are humanitarian and eager to do good because if they did not, these mighty people would become tyrants. Some people are particularly eccentric, who dress in odd clothes and refuse to even live in semi-normal ways. 

Secondly, traditional religion is rarely of interest to aquariums, so it inevitably comes to them to enter cult or delve into unconventional beliefs and ideas. After you thoroughly analyze all that caught your attention, you drop your interest and move on to something else if it doesn’t give you the answers you want. And those who seem to be interested with a “natural” religion also took this up later in their lives because of what they felt like.


Books, journals, articles and publications of all sorts are gathered by aquariums. They must remain up to date and know the ins and outs of all that is happening in the world. Often they are highly conscious and enjoy passing on their experience to others, which puts many of them in the field of teaching. At some point in their lives, many aquariums will take on a cause of some kind, often to the point of obsession. Some people are capable of keeping up a job and living well, while most only walk about and do what the bills pay and move on to something else.

Waterfowl dreams are very big, but they can lack a grip on reality. Owing to their constantly needing to do something at the last minute, things like getting somewhere on time and dealing with everyday activities are always challenging. Some people are caught in the form of tunnel vision that causes them not to think anything but black and white.

They seem calm and secure, but in reality, they are quite clearly unresolved, stressed, irritable, and can be highly truncating and hurtful if really shaken. Curiously, some of these subjects can have a great deal of envy or even utter jealousy when they see others who have become less intelligent, hardworking, trustworthy, talented or worthy of being overtaken by themselves and who are also much more thoughtful of those who use them. Other aquariums all have the same instincts but are related to true political skills — both in the idealist sense and in the sense that they are able to make their way through an organization and take on the competition, and this can end up as their country’s leaders.


In conventional marriages, open partnerships, societies and alone, aquariums live. You may set or fluid their arrangements. Many that are more conventional can have children or cannot have them. The standard arrangement is not available. Many who have children want as much knowledge and intellectual stimulation as possible for their offspring and also enroll their children in all extracurricular activities they can think of. This is a weird thing, but many aquariums bring up children with disabilities and can do it in a cooler and more efficient way than those who are more familiar on the face of it.

A good number of aquariums love animals, and some do a hobby farm with a huge range of animals. They cannot survive without some pets. Some of them can’t bear animals or dogs.


Although the born Aquarius is communicative, it takes time to meet people. Given that they are extremely sensitive individuals, their closeness implies vulnerability.

Their immediacy and their strong beliefs make them a threat. If possible, Aquarius would do anything to self-sacrifice for the loved one.

These three attributes should be the imagination, intelligence and honesty of their peers. Their aspirations are nothing less when it comes to family. While they are dedicated to family members, they do not maintain close links if they do not meet the same standards as in friendship.


Aquarians are innovative and imaginative and are also able to work on this site, frequently ending up running small companies or self-employed. Most importantly, they are often imaginative and innovative. Once a friend of mine had to hire a dozen employees to renovate an office building, and 11 of the men commissioned to do the job were independent aquariums. The difference of personalities in this sign means some organizations find work, especially where computers can be used, and systems can be manipulated or built for them. Teaching draws many people from Aquarius, including charities, astrology, activities, or simply seeking a job in some interest. Some people tend to be in committees to save the world, so what they do must have real meaning.

When the computers were new, the first to receive them were aquariums, and even now an aquarium house with at least one cannot be found. The outlaw is another career choice! Once upon a time, I read an autobiography of a cat burglar and said that he and his offenders were both aquariums.


Some watermelon people make money; most don’t. They don’t always hold on to it, even though they do. Values for aquarium are spiritual rather than materialistic, and they want to feel more satisfied and do anything than collect wealth. Some are very generous; others are very busy; moreover, some spend money on themselves; some spend it on others. Some of them collect antiquities; others collect objects—most of the books, documents, computers, devices and junk collect.

Moreover, some still seem to be collecting livestock and families. Others help themselves, and others are able to float along or live with more structured family members. Any savings: most people are overdrawn. It is by owning a house and repaying a mortgage if they manage to keep their act together.


Aquarians can be chronic, but they handle these illnesses very correctly, sometimes turning to alternative care and seeking what is best for them. Aquarians can have asthma, diabetes and arthritis. There are plenty of vegetarians. Many of them are heavy smokers, while others combat smoking virulently. Few are true drinkers, even though most enjoy social drinks.


Aquarians often seem to care not about their individual relationships, or to have something else that is more important. An aquarium can cancel a last-minute date, for example, because a friend or member of the family is stuck and needs to drive. This isn’t personal, and it isn’t evil. An aquarium has a belief system that prioritizes the people who most need it, and that also places the people they love. To prevent these problems, clear communication is required.


This is an all-or-nothing symbol, as you can see, that seems very different. Some want children, others don’t — and many do, but after divorce, they lose touch.

The only parallels with aquariums that I can categorically claim are that everyone loves smart talks, talk, complex thoughts, and a laugh with friends. Everyone reads a lot and gathers books. Most enjoy music and gather CDs. Many of them are in photography and have picture boxes in the attic.

Aquarians are not great eaters unless born in Libra Deccan, and this lets slender people stay slim for life. Some will enjoy coffee, tobacco and vitamin pills with pleasure.

Importantly, these people are also intrigued by psychological affairs, divination of the Water and ghost busting, etc. But they are best attuned to factual, rational gods like astrology and numerology.

Firstly, many Aquarians are musical and enjoying theatre, but more likely than to take center stage, they are able to plan activities, work the lights and create an atmosphere.

Secondly, one function of encouraging talent in others does seem fairly popular. I asked a friend of the Aquarian once why, and she told me that she hated to see the mind and talent wasted or not given a chance. The hate of waste is an aquarium subject, so my aquarium husband is maybe trying to recycle it all and seldom throws anything away.


An individual with strong aquarium influences is extremely uncertain about his true identity. The aquarium ego, the sign of nonconformity, is the most precarious in the zodiac. All are associated with Aquarius with their intellectual brilliance, practical eccentricities and mental oddity. The personality of the Aquarius has high intelligence. The best way for Aquarius to develop his ego is to use it efficiently and practically.


There are a large number of friends in Aquarius — and more people wanting to be friends with him. Aquarius is the form to float between various social circles, and it is not stored in cliques or classes. While Aquarius can ever find its way into a crowd, it is difficult to get into an aquarium’s inner circle. Aquarius likes privacy and does not want to get too close to others until they know that, inside and outside, they trust them. Aquarius also appreciates its personal time and the need for social obligations. It means that you want to be there when an Aquarius arrives at your party. Don’t take it personally if they don’t come. Aquarius do not want you; they only want to come just when their energy is optimistic. They don’t want you.


  • They Have a Big Heart.
  • They are Intelligent.
  • Form Deep Connections with Music.
  • They Always Put their Partners First.
  • Aquarius like Hearing the Unfiltered Truth.
  • They are Warm, Fun, and moreover, they are Playful.
  • They can’t be Fake.


Aquarius is considered the most unpredictable as the air variable blows in any direction, as opposed to other zodiac signs. Therefore, only your words will build trust in their relationships for a very short time! Think before you speak to an Aquarius if you want to put him in a relationship.


Leo is the opposite complementary Aquarius symbol. Though it is difficult to communicate with each other, Leo will teach Aquarius how to choose the self, not the perfect one. Aquarius may thereby create emotional confidence. The ease with which Leos deals with its emotions can also be an opening eye for aquariums that often conceal their true feelings in layers of and analytical reasoning assessments. Aquarius may also teach self-management and analytical discipline to Leo.


In general, if people display the characteristics typical of their sign, intimate relationships between an Aquarius and another individual can be described as follows:

Check out our compatibility chart for more insights:

Compatibility With:














   Harmonious; this pair makes good business & romantic partnership.

   Difficult, unless Taurus allows Aquarius the freedom she needs.

   Harmonious; a quirky & unique love affair with great conversations.

   Turbulent but exciting, with lots of sexual magnetism.

   Difficult yet electric; a pair who fight in public, make up in private.

   Turbulent since, they have almost nothing in common but love.

   Harmonious; a perfect pair: soul mates, lovers, and friends.

   Difficult yet profound; a relationship arranged by destiny.

   Harmonious; completely in tune with each other’s wants & needs.

   Harmonious, with difficult patches; a karmic connection.

   Harmonious but, represents a meeting of minds, not souls.

   Harmonious if, Aquarius will allow Pisces to be nurturing.


These social creatures are easy to make friends. They are fascinating and enjoyable conversationalists who nevertheless tend to speak about what is meaningful or significant. 

It is impossible to hit the stage where you are concerned with everlasting truths.

Waterfowl is typically courteous yet insignificant. There is no way to violate this mentality particularly, if the attack is not direct. Aquarians appear to withdraw in front of a head-on approach.

Your caring values are quick to draw on.

They are people whose ambitions go far beyond the horizon. You see the whole picture, not the flaws.

Books, art and science are of interest to them. Many aquariums have a scientific interest. Hobbies and gadgets are also interesting. At least try not to jealousy the fact that aquariums have too many if you can’t share their curiosity. It’s not in their stars. They can’t help it.

Aquarians are not people who use steak and potatoes; they tend to try Chinese cuisine — a mix of Chinese and continental cuisine. Water fowlers are still content with the other.

Offer them time to understand, trust and depend on you. Water fowlers may be consulted, but they are too wise to fail. You won’t have to take poor advice; you will stop the counselor.

Importantly, Never make a mistake for aquariums. You remember one easily enough, but then you forget it. An error seems genuinely insignificant to them, and they’ll just think you’re odd if you keep harping on.