Information On Cancer Astrology


   Date Range:          June 21 – July 22

   Symbol:                 The Crab

   Quality:                Cardinal

   Day:                       Monday

   Spirit Color:         Silver

   Flower:                  Larkspur, Acanthus

    Metal:                  Silver, Smoke Gray

   Greatest Compatibility: Virgo, Pisces

   Element:              Water

   Ruling Planet:       Moon

   Ruling House:     Forth

   Polarity:                Negative

   Season:                 Summer

   Perfume:               Sandalwood

   Lucky Number:  3 & 7

   Lucky Gem:         Pearl

Top Love Matches: Taurus


The Cancer sign is that the Crab. Cancerians seem to feel uncomfortable every now and then, and that they wish to retreat into their own version of a crab’s defensive shell once they encounter this sense. A crab makes its home everyplace it goes, and within the same approach, a crab Cancerian tries to construct a nonliteral home from even the foremost temporary world.

The desire to nurture and protect loved ones is very strong in every Cancer and is borne out because of the terrific Mother by the sign’s designation. A central focus of someone born throughout the time of the sign of cancer would be the matter of individuals providing or failing to produce material support.

 Fire Signs: 

Cancer (the different 3 area unit Aries, Libra, and Capricorn) is one of the four Cardinal signs of the zodiac. The primary signs of every season area unit the cardinal signs. Thus, those born beneath these signs area unit initiators and behave in accordance with their goals and objectives. Though they will be mild and keep, they’re tenacious, too, and can fight onerous to induce what they require. However, they’re able to bring home the bacon their goals while not showing to be ambitious or difficult, since they’re calm and well unnatural.

 Water Sings:     

In addition, one amongst the three symptoms of water (the different two being Scorpio and Pisces) is cancer. Extremely inventive and emotional area unit folks whose signs be this class. Cancer is the Water sign that deals with security, treatment, and luxury. Cancerians area unit is legendary for his or her ability to nurture people and ventures since, on an associate degree, the emotional level they feel the wants of others. However, they have to notice that even as vital is fulfilling their own emotional wants. They need to forever be able to nurture themselves since they’re thus sensible at nurturing others that they forget that they still want equal care from Cancerians.

Cancerians can act to notice that though they will not be as sturdy as those around them believe for certain, they are sturdy enough to try to what they have to try to to to form their dreams come back true. If they start to feel uncomfortable, they need to avoid retreating into their shell. There’s a lot of to their normal bravery, persistence, and mild energy that they have to form their lives what they require.


  • Desirous of physical comforts.
  • Is tremendously clairvoyant.
  • Wears clothes that feel protecting.
  • A bit nervous (not a show-off).
  • Private about individual.
  • Wonderful with children.
  • Introspective and emotional.
  • They Possess a shrewd business
  • They enjoy good food and wine.
  • Protective of friends and family.
  • Patient and cautious with decisions.
  • Their feelings hurt easily.
  • Dreamy, subtle, and intuitive.



1) Thoughtful

2) Nurturing

3) Compassionate

4) Intuitive

5) Caring and sensitive


1) Selfish

2) Possessive

3) Manipulative

4) Too easily hurt

5) Sensitive to criticism


1) Comfort food

2) Shopping sprees

3) Sentimental gifts

4) A beautiful home

5) Mementos from family and friends


1) Harsh words

2) A messy home

3) Talking to strangers

4) Being nagged at or lectured

5) Not being acknowledged for her contribution


There’s a marked distinction between those born in cancer with the Sun and people with growing cancer. The growing topic of cancer incorporates a rounded body form and options embonpoint cheeks. The Sun-in-Cancer man, with clearly marked options associate degreed a communicatory face, is commonly slender and of medium height or a touch taller. Several Cancerians have lines from a quite young age on their foreheads, and in later life, they’ll become quite lined and craggy trying. 

Think about Harrison Ford, or what in later life Tom Cruise might appear as if. There’s a prepared smile for Cancerians that accompanies their nice sense of humor. These subjects stay comparatively slim if they keep their appetence beneath control; otherwise, they’ll become overweight. Several Cancerians have terribly thick hair, and as they age, the boys retain a lot of their hair. Some have sensitive skin and also the men area unit prone to “razor-rash,” such a lot of Cancerian men abandon the idea of rashing and sporting a beard instead.


Cancerians need a framework, ideally a fully paid mortgage, and small businesses. They don’t really want to stay too much indoors as they love going out and about and traveling, but they certainly need a place to come home. They love their families, and inside the community, they strive to maintain good ties with all generations. Cancerians can often be crabby and moody, and some can be severe bullies who use their tremendous intuition to push the buttons of others or degrade all they perceive to be a threat. One very unpleasant aspect of their character is that they victimize the wrong person all too much, preferring to make a human out of the one person who does not pose a threat and who has no escape route.


Cancerians are so nice they have lots of friends, but only those they trust can really get close to them. They’re careful, mildly introverted, and happiest when they’re with family members or their very few true mates. Cancerians are deeply loyal to their families and will do whatever they can to take care of them. This is taken to extremes often, and as their rising children become independent, they find it extremely hard to let go. When they grow older, they do everything they can to support their parents.

Cancerians need a foundation, a home, and sometimes a company to which they can call themselves and to which they can withdraw. It is also often important to have a room of their own or a corner of the house for themselves. Having said that, they enjoy traveling, visiting friends, and going out to their local events. These people aren’t heavy spenders, and they’re always trying to get a rainy day by. Cancerians have a natural willingness to interact with the public and company, but they are generally too shy to place themselves on a show or to address an audience. When connected with a more daring partner, they do well in the company. Cancerians prefer items that are connected to them with some sort of past, or that have a sentimental meaning to them, so they can deal with these objects or become collectors.

 Water Characteristics      

Cancer is a symbol of water, which means they always respond to events slowly. If you call these people out, they slowly turn around or take time to react. They philter all through their emotions, and they appear to be emotional rather than purely logical in their response to everything. They can get angry over nothing or take as an insult a casual joke, and they can become moody, sad, self-pitying, or confrontational and sarcastic. The other side of this coin is that they readily sympathize with other people’s plight. They are kind-hearted and sympathetic and have a special talent to listen to what others think. They are faithful to those who are good to them, they assume responsibility well, and they can make the very best of working friends, family, and colleagues.


Most Cancerian partnerships have in them some form of parenting. Some take on a partner’s position as a mum, while others are searching for someone to mother them. Many Cancerians have their own children and pets to look after too. Most Cancerians like being married, apart from these factors, and they enjoy family life. If something goes wrong, they will survive on their own for a while, but they are social beings who want to get out and about; sooner or later, they will find a new companion to themselves. Some Cancerians are so hard to live with that they almost kill off future friendships before they start, but others bring to their relationships their goodness, their loving nature, and a wonderful sense of fun. It takes a lot to give up on a relationship or even to admit to themselves that it is no longer feasible for these individuals.


Friends – Cancer members would happily interact with new social contacts when it comes to connections but are highly sensitive to individuals not accepted by their closest community. They see all contacts through their emotional lens, rather than mere interest or ranking, filled with reverence for individuals they interact with easily. Most of all, in conditions under their influence, they enjoy socializing at home, where an intimate environment can be developed, and deep understanding is shared. Intuitive and caring, they are often quite rationally difficult to comprehend.

Family – Cancer is the sign of family, and more than any other sign of the zodiac, these individuals care for family ties and their homes. Deeply nostalgic, they strive to maintain family memories with care, keeping them alive for years. They make great, loving parents when their personal lives are fulfilled, who seem to know how the children feel even when they’re miles apart.


Cancerians are drawn to the concept of running their own company and have a knack to provide the goods and services that the public wants or needs. Consequently, these topics often end up with a small company or a store selling valuable products or specialist services. Many are intrigued by property and real estate, and some are interested in insurance, so these are fields that can draw them. Many enjoy working with small children, so Cancerian women with their own small children of transform to be at home with them to their advantage by making a living in addition to their own from caring for the children of people.

Some Cancerian’s teach, mostly specializing in the subjects of economics, geography, or history. Others operate in banking or business, especially exports or anything else with a foreign link. Some find their way into the armed forces, particularly the navy. In the merchant navy, fishing, or on a cruise liner, their attachment to the sea can take them into careers.


Cancerians are careful, and they like getting something to fall back on behind them, so they save for the future. Their entrepreneurial impulses also lead them into a company where they can be very helpful with their intuition and feelings about people and trends, but this can work against them, as there are times when a calm, rational mindset will better serve them. Cancerians seldom spend money on devices or unnecessary products, but they do make sure they have the equipment they need for their home or work. They spend very freely on trips if they can afford to do so.


The word Cancer is so feared that American astrologers used the name “Moon boy” to reflect this sign at one point in time. I’ve met people with cancer who have had cancer and those who haven’t, and I’ve met a lot of people from other signs of the zodiac who have had this disease. In this sign, it is nevertheless significantly more prevalent than in others. Therefore, if you are a Cancerian and you suspect something is wrong with you, check it out, if only to rest your mind. Rheumatism or arthritis is a more likely scenario for the watery sign. Colds, in particular when the Cancerian is under heat, transform into bronchitis. Having said all of the above, this is not a particularly sick sign, and young Cancerians suffer much less from illness than other sign children.


While cancer reads situations quickly and correctly when presented, he or she does not share those views with others. Speaking up is important because turning emotions inward means that emotions will explode unexpectedly. Crabs often expect others, which is another source of pent-up anger, to know what they are thinking. Learning to share thoughts, even if it leads to confrontation, is a lifetime Cancer lesson.


Many Cancerians love the sea and ships, and all enjoy vacations near or on the water.

Most of these subjects enjoy taking care of little animals, particularly if their kids like them.

Cancerians rarely consume a lot of alcohol, and they choose premium wines and spirits if they do consume at all. Their downside is their sweet tooth, which means they are much more likely to overdo chocolate cake stuff than booze.

These people, particularly if they have planets in nearby Gemini, may get themselves into a state over nothing.

Cancerians enjoy nothing more than a good old gossip with friends or relatives, and their telephone bills are at least as high as the other zodiac signs. Rarely should they give up on mates?


The time of day they plan to do something, cancers are also affected. Daytime plans made at night become more difficult to make true, and vice versa. If they find themselves forgetting to bring last night’s plans into effect the next day, they must be as careful and forgiving themselves as they would have been with a child’s mistakes.


Having friendships that last decades are common for cancer, and this image enjoys nothing quite taking part in the “remember when” game with recent friends. Cancer typically cherishes family bonds, and it’s not uncommon for Crabs to count their siblings as members of their social circle, or maybe their folks. Cancers square measure usually related to one another, and their partner desires to show up for all social activities. And whereas Cancers will ‘yes’ to RSVP if a celebration is vital to the host, they’re possible to bow out once doing the initial rounds — socializing in giant teams is really not the favorite factor for cancer.


The 7 Fundamental Cancer Traits and What They Mean for You

  • Cancers are protective; they will defend those they care about to die.
  • They will do everything with passion and love.
  • Cancers are “the dreamers” of the zodiac.
  • Their empathy makes them great friends, lovers, and confidants.
  • They are resilient.
  • They are good at adapting.
  • Cancers are open-minded.


They are very receptive and trustworthy as a water symbol and expect their partner to have an equivalent. The more they need to experience a chance of confidence in the past, the harder it becomes for them to confidence their partner. Yet Cancerians have a soft underbelly and a rugged outer shell, a little like the Crab symbolizing them.


The opposite sign of Cancer is Capricorn, the Pig. It is a rugged, flinty symbol that has many of the qualities that cancer is unlikely to have. But it is through those very differences that Capricorn will teach cancer to be efficient and self-sufficient emotionally. Nonetheless Capricorn in turn, will learn the ways to be compassionate and loving from cancer, as well as how to embrace the emotional support that is likely to require Capricorn.


In general, if people display the characteristics typical of their sign, intimate relationships between a Cancer and another individual can be described as follows:

Check out our compatibility chart for more insights:

Compatibility With:














   Difficult but exciting, though Aries needs to be tender.

   Harmonious in the extreme—a match made in paradise.

   Pleasurable, if Gemini gives cancer plenty of emotional space.

   Harmonious, if there isn’t too much emotional baggage.

   Pleasurable, so long as Leo gets plenty of attention.

   Harmonious, with both partners supporting each other’s dreams.

   Difficult, but enhanced by shared life view and goals.

   Harmonious—deeply sensual and eternally romantic.

   Turbulent but joyous, with lots of fights and makeup sessions.

   Difficult, although there is much for each to learn from the other.

   Turbulent, especially if there are political & philosophical differences.

   Harmonious, with shared sensitivity and romantic idealism.


Cancerians are vulnerable-to both praise and critique. Let them know how much you respect them, clearly and forthrightly. Nothing is going to pull Cancerians more readily from their shells than the warmth of acceptance. Pick out a standard that you can compliment them on, with all honesty. Do you like what he wears? Its smile? Their willingness to listen attentively? (None better than cancer in this.) Tell them that. Don’t be insincere and just for the shake of getting something complimentary to say, single out any standard. Cancerians will still spot the difference between the genuine compliment and the one that was intended just to cajole.

Present the lighter side of your personality to Cancerians. Do you care for charities? Talk about it. Or babies? In every way. Or address a real personal issue that is bothering you. Then Cancerians will demonstrate their best side so, their empathy and their willingness to offer positive advice. Other fields of great interest to them are economics, politics, and sports.

Get tickets to the theatre or to any art or cultural event for a date. Cancerians respond to romantic music, which is strongly melodic, and are inclined to enjoy concerts and opera. A good touch would be a pick from a restaurant where musicians stroll.

Cancerians should not run into something headlong. However they are generally wary but not to say skittish and about making an undertaking. They try to prevent a definite yes or no being given. Tip: The longer they wait, the less likely a desirable outcome may occur.

Sooner or later a real Cancerian discovers any reason for feeling wounded. Their remarkable mind dwells on the past and is continuously reminiscent of old wounds.