Information On Leo Astrology


   Date Range:          July 23 – August 22

   Symbol:                  The Lion

   Quality:                 Fixed

   Day:                        Sunday    

   Spirit Color:          Gold, Orange

   Flower:                   Marigold, Sunflower

    Metal:                   Gold

   Greatest Compatibility: Gemini, Libra

   Element:              Fire

   Ruling Planet:       Sun

   Ruling House:     First 

   Polarity:                Positive

   Season:                 Summer

   Perfume:               Orange Blossom

   Lucky Number:  8 & 9

   Lucky Gem:         Carnelian

Top Love Matches: Sagittarius


Leo is the sign of the artistic organizers of the zodiac. Much nobody is pretty much as good as they’re at recognizing the answer to a haul and organizing the suggests that to unravel it. It’s this ability that provides rise to Leo’s name as an excellent leader. Like all leaders, most Leo’s feel more well-off after they square measure telling others what has got to be done instead of taking care of the routine details themselves, They get aggravated with themselves for this attribute, however not for long as a result of Leos like themselves loads.

They place themselves wherever there’s a lot of that must be done, and that they associate themselves with the correct cluster of individuals, so their artistic input is often welcome, even though they are doing not perpetually jump in and find their hands dirty. The image for Leo is that the robust and proud male Lion, a most applicable image. Not solely could be a cluster of lions said as a “pride”, however additionally, the importance of non-public pride to those born throughout the time of Leo can’t be overdone. 

They are doing not wish to be connected to anyone, or something that they are doing not feel is up to their high personal standards. Their generosity needs them to from things and objects which will profit and entertain them and people they contemplate warrant being connected with them.      

Leo is one in all the four fastened Sun signs of star divination (the different three square measure Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius). Fastened signs square measure stable, resolute and determined. They represent the force of holding steady. 

Fire place sign:

Leo is additionally a fire place sign, one in all three (Aries and Sagittarius square measure the opposite two). Hearth signs square measure primarily energetic, zealous and impulsive.

Leos square measure legendary for his or her ability to assist and defend those that acknowledge them as special folks. They gain a way of their own self-value by giving what they assume others would like from them. However, it’s vital that they keep in mind that they, too, would like to facilitate and protect. Leos square measure sometimes too prideful to fire facilitate.


  • Needs to be admired.
  • Trusting and loyal.
  • Uses charm to get what she wants.
  • Likes to show off.
  • Is trusting.
  • They are generous.
  • Have elegant tastes.
  • Gives and expects respect.
  • Generous with affection.
  • Leader.



1) Positive thinking

2) Honest and loyal

3) Courageous and bold

4) Dignified and charming

5) Responsible and mature


1) Status conscious

2) Overdramatic

3) Stubborn or willful

4) Overeager to impress

5) Judgmental about appearances


1) Being creative

2) Designer clothes

3) Receiving gifts of gold

4) Adoration and recognition

5) An appreciative audience


1) Cold weather

2) Cheap perfume

3) Tacky furnishings

4) Physical inactivity and laziness

5) Subtlety or subterfuge


Leos area unit pretty fine-looking as a full, and Leo girls are quite spectacular with their characteristically thick mane of hair. Male Leos can become a touch skinny on prime later in life, whereas the females keep their thick and bouncy hair throughout life. Leos area unit unremarkably of middle height and even a touch short in some cases; however, they hold themselves well, and that they have the type of presence that creates it arduous to overlook them. Each sexes area unit possible to be weedy as kids, filling out at pubescence so golf stroke on weight in time of life, particularly around the abdomen. Leos aren’t keen on exercise; thus, turning into overweight is a drag for them. However, their self-importance implies that they’ll take themselves in hand if necessary. Once Leos have the cash to spare, they pay it on their look.


Leos have high standards, and that they like a sung and moneyad mode. They’re typically on the point of their family; however, their greatest love is their kids. They will be domineering, terribly egocentric, and they tend to put down the law to others; however, they’re giving, generous, and that they mean well.


Leos love their families, and if they need admiring folks, they’re going to stay on the point of them throughout life. If their folks don’t seem to be sensible at them, they fight to form a cheerful family for themselves through wedding and adulthood. Leos love their children; they spoil them and love them to bits; however, they will not stand any nonsense from them, and that they try and instill sensible behavior and self-esteem. These subjects area unit typically very generous to their relatives; however, they’re not particularly charitable to outsiders, and that it is quite devious or demanding once it involves their business dealings. Leos area unit onerous staff, usually successful men or girls, and that they have very little patience with people who area unit worse off than themselves. They need even less time for suffering humanity, which makes them less charitable than different zodiac signs.

Despite their occasional lapses, the Leos are unit proud and prefer to be thought of as having integrity. They will additionally become very irritable and unreasonable after they area unit pressured, fatigued or hungry. Leos will panic once fraught; however, once the initial attack of nerves has passed, the head of the case and demonstrate their marvelous leadership qualities. These subjets have very high standards and that they will expect way an excessive amount of themselves and others. This may cause disappointment or maybe depression sometimes. Thought typically confident and somewhat chesty, Leos will suddenly realize that their confidence evaporates , which they have a sympathetic friend to prop them up; however, their natural optimism implies that they typically convalesce sooner or later. 

Being a set sign, Leos prefers to remain within the same home and with an equivalent partner for as long as potential and that they additionally stay within the same job as long as potential. After they need to create a modification, they are doing this quite suddenly, though solely once an extended amount of internal excruciating and analysis. 

Leos are a unit pretty trusting souls, which suggests that they will be hurt or badly used. They need long recollections for people who facilitate them and additionally for people who hurt them and that they undoubtedly hold grudges. They’re very loyal to their friends, relatives and colleagues. Some Leos have such an eye fixed on the most probable hat they’e going to push others out of the method so as to induce wherever they have to be. Others area unit quite the alternative, being totally honest each in matters of affection and within the work. It forever knows to examine any Leo, to examine which sort they’re before turning into too involved with them, as they will be either angels or devils.


Leos don’t like living on their own. If they are happy to be at home with their parents, marriage and relationships will be postponed, but most will move in with someone or marry when they are young. Once Leo has settled down, he will usually set out pretty quickly to produce children. Leos who have no kids keep dogs, horses, and other animals that they treat as kids. Even against the odds, these fixed-sign subjects will continue to try to make a marriage work, and then they become incredibly upset if they have to call a break, particularly if kids are involved. Stupid scenarios, such as a couple splitting up while staying under the same roof, often occur. 

Leos don’t understand the phobia of commitment, and they don’t understand lovers who are going to take full advantage of their caring and compassionate natures, only to leave them in the lurch or mess around. They’ll give a lover a lot of rope, but they’ll move on sooner or later and find a more stablemate.

One unusual phenomenon that seems to go against all that is normally said about this highly driven and highly popular zodiac sign is that a marriage-type partner can seriously weaken them. Leos marry for love and strive to remain in love, even though not all that lovable is really their mate. They deserve to be respected, and worst yet, they’re going to do everything they can to be approved of and well thought of because, in their relationships, they try really hard. In the expectation that this will make things go correct, they pour in enough love for both partners, and it takes them a long time until they remember that they can’t turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse. They unexpectedly wake up and take off after kidding themselves and their partners for years that they’re happy with their situation, leaving the partner to wonder what went wrong.


Friends – Leo is compassionate and trustworthy, born with integrity and dedication to individual values. They are born with the desire to support others, although it takes time and energy. Strong and optimistic, this individual can attract almost anyone and is energized to host parties and activities with the best people. Rarely alone do they have the feeling of self-esteem and knowledge that they need for connections with others, but it may be difficult to find friends who can keep pace and obey the high power they bring in their lives.

Family – Family problems are not going to be Leo’s first thing when they wake up in the morning or lie down in bed at night. When they turn to themselves, they appear as soon as possible to become autonomous. Still, in good and bad times, Leo will do everything possible to protect his loved ones who are proud of their ancestors and roots.


Leos attracts many occupations, but the most popular is a quick-moving sector. Suppose it offers them the chance to fly or confront up-to-date items or something thrilling and glamorous, the better. Leos feels the most relaxed at the exhibition so that they can work as managers of big companies, managers, or even managers of their own. Leos can be used in broadcasting, publishing, PR, computer world, manage big tasks surprisingly easily, probably because this is a simple way.

Traditional astrology shows that one Lion occupation is the jewelry market, but to be frank, I can not say that in this business, I have found many Leo’s. Show business is another subject, as is the glamour of the world of mode. Some work in banking, while others work in travel. Despite their lack of interest, they can work hard for some kind of high-quality charitable organization, especially if it gives them a chance to host large and glamorous events. The most important thing, since they are exceptionally competent and have outstanding organizational skills, is that Leos be relaxed when in control of a project. 

They are just as excited about a project and pull their weight from the picking workers. On the other hand, Leos care for their subordinates, so they often encourage an almost devoted individual. The most famous among Leos is their profession or media work, but there are plenty of people who are writing for a living and working — at least part-time — as astrologers and often as a clear-sighted person.

Some rogue Leos are unbelievably faint and infantile, while others are challenging, egoist, and biased, none of which will help others or help them with a career. But the vast majority are hard-working and decent.


Leos are spenders, and without any income or debt, they loathe themselves. Leos is vulnerable to separate savings schemes, which periodically withdraw funds from their bank before expenditure or generosity can take place. These subjects are well aware that they can forget that things can go wrong in good times and that their richness may unexpectedly evaporate in order to try to save their instincts. If they must, Leos can live very little, but they don’t really enjoy it. They will find ways to get out of trouble if they have financial difficulties. Leos enjoy spacious, well-equipped homes and a nice way of life. They entertain in style, send their kids to paid schools, go on holiday to the best places and belong to all the best clubs.

Strangely enough, Leos doesn’t like being owed money for such a generous sign, and they’re going to chase debts. This does not appeal to those who are casual about stuff like this or to those who think that Leo already has enough money and does not need his loan or the goods and services for which he has been given to be paid. Leos still tracks debts. Be conscious that.


In the heart and spine, the Leo sign is dominating. This form of fire sign can suffer from heart problems as an energetic “A” personality. Backache is nearly parred for Leos at some point in their existence, but the neck and top back areas prone to problems as the lumbar section. Fevers, headaches, and unexpected infections are likely but typically eliminate them as soon as possible. And when they become sick, they prefer to stay at work, which does not help.


The Lions’ loud roar is well known. But Leos needs to learn to rest and to listen, especially when they hear a voice that doesn’t suit their confidence and certainty. And while that sign thrives on their second-party decision making and reaction skills, often they can take a few seconds, minutes, or even days to make their views on a topic known. To find out both sides, to take due consideration, and to benefit from the perspectives of other people, Leo needs to be a leader as powerful as possible.


Leos don’t want to train, but they dislike losing their personality because they prefer to enter lavish fitness clubs, etc. One of their hobbies is swimming (so long as bath water is warm in the pool), and also surprisingly strong swimmers. They are incredibly good.

Most Leos can’t throw or catch a pitch, and it’s not always an issue to strike it with any bat or stick. If success depends on the goodness, or the kind, of a Leo school child at baseball, he finds another way. Team games draw far less than ball sports to the average Leo.

Leos have a natural rhythm and the spatial mind that can accumulate and maintain the dance move models, many of which are wows on the floor.

Many Leo’s loathed their day at school, and there may be really bad stuff, but they eventually take additional lessons, later on, get up to their better peers and conquer them.

Leos enjoy holidays, and items that cater to children, such as Disney World, are great favorites.


The average Leo needs to love more secretly than anyone else would ever imagine. A real Leo is a person who wants to be the one in charge, who wants to be heard and heard. However, Leo was highly stressed by both the aspiration and the truth. Although the typical Leos seem to be confident, especially when they take the lead, they have hidden doubts about their true value and may underestimate themselves seriously.


A Lion likes to be surrounded by relatives, adulators, or even international friends. Without an additional team, they will never shy away from RSVP. They know how to make friends and communicate with people, and going to parties alone is a fun challenge to retain their friendly skills.


  • They are Fun and Outgoing. Leos aren’t shy about crowds and unfamiliar people.
  • Leos are Ambitious.
  • They Don’t Live in the Past.
  • They’re Fiercely Loyal.
  • Leo Pursue Everything.
  • They Make Excellent Lovers.
  • They are Natural Leaders.


Leo mad has the bravery to keep no stone unturned to give his loved one their feelings, but because of their suspicious nature, their partners will always be keen to stumble around Leo. Leo does not realize that his partners would respond shadier if they behave suspiciously, as Leo understands.


The Water Carrier Aquarius is that the opposite complementary image of Leo. Through they will have troublesome relationships, Aquarius can teach Leo the way to share and the way to provide others the center stage, with none appreciation. For Leo, this could be an enormous challenge; however, it’s the simplest way to find out to square alone and revel in itself. Aquarius doesn’t approach life from the sunny purpose of reading of Leo, and thence Aquarius can copy the Lion.


In general, if people display the characteristics typical of their sign, intimate relationships between a Leo and another individual can be described as follows:

Check out our compatibility chart for more insights:

Compatibility With:














   Harmonious; a lifelong romance and undying passion.

   Difficult, but with deeply sensual overtones.

   Pleasurable; a partnership of ideas as well as romance.

   Tuneful, if differences bring out the best in each other.

   Pleasent, so long as both are willing to share the spotlight.

   Sweet-toned, but personality differences need a wide berth.

   Harmonious; the equivalent of a lifelong party.

   Difficult, since both are equally stubborn.

   Melodic, as friends as well as lovers.

   Turbulent, if Capricorn won’t relinquish the purse strings.

   Difficult, but the partners are able to illuminate life lessons.

   Turbulent, if Pisces can’t stand up to Leo’s demands.


If you demonstrate by your acts, your attention, and your endless compliments that you’re absolutely and ideally lost in admiration, you will always win over everyone born under this symbol. You’re in clover if you ever sound that way. Fake it, if you do not. Leos isn’t going to doubt your honesty, for they think it is as marvelous as you say it is. Leos think compliments almost never go too far.

Leo will make an impact in a different way: be funny. You have an amusing sense of humor and affection. (What was not a court jester in each monarch?)

A cultural event, in particular, a preview of a certain sort, you can not go wrong. Accompany Leo to an event marking the opening of a new art gallery, the preview of the film, or a lecture on the book by the author.

Leo Men’s pet peeve: Strong women’s make-up. Leo’s pet peeve: a close-up date.

Keep in mind that the best is for both male and female Leos. The first class is Leo. You don’t get the best orchestral seats at the restore cheque and don’t forget the roses, the champagne, and telephone calls when you try to please a Leo lady.

Do not get the best cut of steak from the butcher and save wine if you try to please a Leo male. If he carries (and wills) a decent bottle of wine, he exclaims for his clever choice; then again, he exclaims for the bouquet and taste of wine. And then bring your surprise — that rare after-dinner brandy or blazing dessert to you.

Keep the posh environment.