Information On Capricorn Astrology


   Date Range:       December 22 – January 19

   Symbol:               Sea Goat

   Quality:              Cardinal

   Day:                     Saturday   

   Spirit Color:       Brown

   Flower:                Pansy, Tulip

    Metal:                Lead

   Greatest Compatibility: Taurus

   Element:              Earth

   Ruling Planet:      Saturn

   Ruling House:     Tenth

   Polarity:                Negative

   Season:                Winter

   Perfume:               Vetiver

   Lucky Number:  2 & 8

   Lucky Gem:          Lapis lazuli

Top Love Matches: Virgo


Capricorn is symbolized by a Mountain Goat. As it makes its way to the peaks of the mountain after mountain, the mountain goat is tireless. In their attempts to get to the top of their respective careers, most Capricorns are similarly tireless. Most people would assume that the Capricorns want to win the love of the masses above all. It’s more appropriate to say they crave the love of those they love themselves. This is as important to them as living in luxury and style, yet another manner in which they gain the “in crowd” love.

Capricorns are able to do what is asked of them to get to the top. This gives them the reputation of being traditional; they are very sensual when deep inside. They, in the best sense of the word, are traditional.

Capricorns hold what they have so that when they need it, they can get plenty. That is genuine practicality. Capricorns are formidable executives. In fact, they have trouble showing their true value before they are left alone to assume some form of definite obligation. When they sense this weight resting on their shoulders, and know that they are responsible for the success of the endeavor, they rise to the opportunity, thriving where others would give up. They show a kind of vitality that can conquer almost any challenge until they make something out of themselves.


Capricorns exhibit this characteristic of personality because Capricorn is one of astrology’s four Cardinal Sun signs (the other three are Aries, Libra, and Cancer). Cancer. With much push, Cardinal signs approach life. They are entrepreneurial, they enjoy being on the go, and they introduce new events. They achieve their targets. Capricorn is also one of the three signs of the Earth-Sun in astrology (the other two being Taurus and Virgo). Earth signs, by their five senses, respond to the world: what they see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. This Earth-element energy brings patience, discipline, and a great understanding of how the universe functions to the Capricorns.

Often their perception of how far they have to go to gain the respect they want may render Capricorns cynical or, less frequently, depressed. Actually, this propensity stems not from the awareness of how far they have to go, but from the fact that what they have already achieved rarely enables themselves to be motivated and energized.


  • Dresses according to a convention.
  • Close to family, even distant relatives.
  • Self-conscious.
  • Quite moody and melancholy.
  • Recognition for work.
  • Runs a well-organized home and office.
  • Unapproachable.
  • Dignified and very polite.
  • Self-protective.
  • Is cautious when getting to know people.
  • Likes to set long-term goals.
  • Very reliable.
  • Have strong opinions.
  • They Seem as steady as a rock.



1) Cautious

2) Realistic

3) Good at organizing

4) Hardworking 

5) Calculating before taking action


1) Fatalistic

2) Melancholy

3) Manipulative

4) Egotistical

5) Cynical and unforgiving


1) Antiques

2) Executive toys

3) The “best” brands

4) Gemstones and jewelry

5) New books about old subjects


1) Surprises

2) Loneliness

3) Disrespect

4) Being pressured

5) Being embarrassed


When young, Capricorns appear to look mature, but in later life, they make up for this because they don’t seem to change as much as time goes by. Typically these subjects are around the average height or slightly less than the average. Throughout life, some are fairly plump, and if so, they have a bigger top half than the bottom half. Those who start lean stay that way, which as they grow older, can make them bony and gawky when they are young but stunning. Capricorn faces have strong characteristics and good bones, which in later life also support their looks. Others have wonderful hair, which they sometimes wear for quite a long time; others have fine hair, which clings to their neat little heads.


Capricorns are competitive, and they drive their loved ones and their kids to excel if they don’t have anything in the way of personal ambition. These people are family-minded and can’t cope if a relationship breaks up, mostly because they depend on their partner to offer a boost to their trust in themselves. Capricorns are highly intelligent and extremely sensitive. Often they conceal their light from under a bushel.


It appears that Capricorns are available in fairly distinct forms. Some are quiet, reserved, retreating, and deficient in confidence and social skills. These begin as mild, watchful youngsters UN agency keep their heads down at college, avoid the bullies, entrust themselves to nobody and work their far and out of no matter circumstances surround them. A troublesome starting in life makes these Capricorns Associate in singed, resolve the handicaps of associate degree self-examining nature and unattractive case history, however below no matter things they realize themselves in, they are doing in addition as doable. Typically, these analysis subjects like a career wherever they will move upward steadily and a lover to share their lives with.

The second Capricorn designs are thus outgoing that it’s laborious to believe that they belong to the present sign in the least. These subjects are also talking machines that are terribly trying to be around. They need an improbable aura of ability and business action, which, whereas they typically keep attempting, does not perpetually live up to expectations. Within the broader world, the progress they appear to be having isn’t perpetually reflected in their personal lives, wherever their over-sensitivity may be a priority for them and people around. as luck would have it, there’s a 3rd type, that is far additional rational. These Capricorns are even as competitive because the different two; however, their approach and conduct are additional easy-going among way more natural boundaries.    

Capricorns seem to tread two diametrically opposite methods at a similar time, regardless of the outer box. They feel an amazing sense of duty towards their families, significantly their folks, and are duteous towards the in-laws, step or half relatives and other with whom they feel they need to be close.


They need an improbable inner individuality, however, that takes them on methods that don’t essentially meet the approval of these around them, or so of the globe they inhabit. One such example may be a mine acquaintance UN agency came from a family of accomplishers of the higher socio-economic class; the UN agency rejected their ideals to become herbalists, aromatherapists, and clairvoyants. Unneeded to mention, she did a good job of turning into a Capricorn and is currently the top of various communities in her fields of labor.

Sometimes, Capricorns ar recent after they are young and young after they are recent. They keep their appearance long into maturity, and step by step, with luck, they grow out of no matter to control them back as teens and ar a lot of happier than within the half of their lives. The key factor in-tuned in mind isn’t hand over on these folks. No matter setbacks life hands them; they mud off and begin another time and generally find yourself doing well within the long haul. Capricorns value more highly to keep their problems to themselves, whether or not self-examining or apparently outgoing, or simply share them with a sure member of the family. They are not carrying their hearts on their sleeves.

Others are way too intense and dour; some become way too materialistic, whereas some seem incapable of realizing that different ‘s needs and feelings count for one thing. Eventually, a number of these subjects learn to trust somebody and love somebody apart from their folks; however, these never extremely do so.


For Capricorns, this is a true win-or-lose situation, and there are several situations in which they will find themselves. Some are so close to their parents that they never really enter the realm of love and marriage, or they feel free to do so only after they have gone away from their parents and are getting old themselves. Others go to the other extreme and marry with varying rates of success while very young. The most faithful and caring of couples are those who are lucky enough to get it right, who will never dream of straying from the marital nest. If they are lucky enough to meet the right partner, they will inevitably relax, blossom, and learn to do things that will satisfy them, socialize, and enjoy life.

Some Capricorns are overly controlling or fussy and can take offense at any little thing. This doesn’t make falling in love with them easy for others, or even continuing to stick around for a very long time. Others are perfectly fair and willing to be part of family life’s rough and tumble. But others develop enormously close attachments to their partners and their children and aim to make all as happy as possible around them. It is either winning or losing in the partnership stakes, as I said at the beginning. They love their kids for sure, but they can work so hard that they miss the fun aspects of parenting.


Friends – Capricorn is wise, secure, and trustworthy, making its leaders trustworthy and extremely good friends, as pillars on their way to their goals, standing in one’s life. People who don’t ask too many nosey questions need to surround them, know where limits are set, but still warm, open-hearted, and loyal enough to follow their lead. In this lifetime, they will not gather too many friends but turn to those who make them feel at all times at peace, intelligent, and truthful.

Family – This is a symbol of family rituals with complete comprehension. Capricorns from their history and childhood feel linked to every single thing, and love to pull those memories out whenever a holiday or birthday season is close. This is a sign of a traditional dispute that you have over superiority in your family, with your father being and an incredibly important figure in how this individual has built up his self-image over time. As parents, they appear to be stern but reasonable, taking on commitments that come with a child easily.


Twentieth-century astrology tells us that Capricorns are attracted to banking and big business, while earlier-era astrology tells us this is the scientist’s sign. The truth is that Capricorns are incredibly realistic, they can handle the details, and they can hold in their heads an enormous amount of minutiae. This does take many of them into accounting or publishing with its focus on making the facts correct. By attending evening classes, these subjects can receive as good an education as they can and then fill in any holes. Typical Capricorns begin by taking a pretty low place in a large organization and working their way up gradually. It seems that consolidation washes over them, and gradually, they enter very high positions.


Some Capricorns are drawing on the energies of the exocentric signs of Sagittarius and Aquarius that border their own sign and are attracted to religion or spirituality, and there is a surprising number in the fields of mind, body, and spirit. Even here, they are guided by their inherent business sense to make more of success out of this than those who do the same.

It seems that their practicality, tenacity, willingness to plan, and their habit of working hard while others slack off eventually make them competitive in whatever they decide to take on. Some are severe, quiet, and dour, styles of a clerk who make no impression. Others are highly outgoing folk gravitating to sales, or even to the show business world. Most find a talent, technique, or even some form of medical job like dentistry, chiropody, working in a vet’s office or pharmacy, and stick with that. They perfect their talents and use them to make a living.

Oddly enough, some Capricorns want a show business career, and it is their professionalism that makes them popular once again. Some of them enjoy singing, playing music, writing music, or dancing.


As for money, Capricorns have a lot of common sense and practicality. Before they hit the stage where their income rises, they frequently go through fairly long stretches of low income and tough times. They rarely grumble, but they handle what they’ve got and always set a little aside for a rainy day, and they put a lot of it aside when the money starts rolling in. These diligent workers will still find a way of earning themselves and their families out of trouble if the need arises. They are scared of poverty, and this can make them tight-fisted unnecessarily.


Some Capricorns get very sick when they’re young, but ultimately they develop out of whatever ails them and go on living healthy lives. In reality, they are among the longest-lived signs of all the sun. The skin and bones are the weak points. Most are hard of hearing, and others have operations nowadays to clear up inner ear deficiencies. Some suffer from childhood asthma or eczema, but later in life, they continue to cope with or overcome these setbacks.


Capricorns can be unbelievably harsh on themselves and on other people, just as rough. They will put up with grudges and keep other people to unrealistic expectations throughout their lives. Often Capricorns see a narrow way of doing things, and it can be enormously beneficial to expand their horizons and insight in making a break for them and others.


This is the zodiac’s least athletic sign, but later in life, many Capricorns take up some sort of sport or game. I know one who took swimming lessons in his fifties and another who, after retirement, took up golf. Some enjoy dancing or singing.

Capricorns don’t wear their sleeves with their emotions, so it can be tough to know where you stand with them.

They also find them easier to love than humans, great for animals.

In their own time, Capricorns are best left to do stuff. They get through all that they need to do, but if they are rushed, they become agitated and lose track of themselves.

These people can be shortsighted about money matters, and in some cases, they can even be shockingly crooked, particularly when envy or the need to hold on to power gets into their bloodstream. Tricky-dick Capricorn President Nixon!

They love to fly if they are allowed to relax and enjoy life. They prefer to go for cruises where they can see several different locations, but they do the actual travel in comfort from place to place.


People in Capricorn have very intense and real emotional needs that can drastically slow them down or even stop them in their tracks. Further adding to their inclination towards depression are the stresses induced by their need to preserve a prosperous appearance, keeping pace with both fashion and tradition while at the same time living in comfort and ease and, in a way, above the level of those whose praises they seek.


There’s a small group of friends in Capricorn, and the friends they now have might well be friends they made when they were toddlers. Capricorns genuinely believe in the power of lifelong friendship and love to have a very small group of friends with whom they implicitly trust and have a long history. Capricorns tend to like to do one-on-one or in small groups and don’t want to go to gatherings. They can be hard to get to know, but once you’ve got one in your inner circle, you’ve got a lifelong mate. Capricorns are so strong and active with their lives that they are always able to spend their own downtime — they aren’t lonely; they recharge.


  • They are humble and don’t expect outside validation.
  • Capricorns have such grace under pressure; they can fix almost any bad situation.
  • Their sense of humor is so sharp; they make others think beyond their usual intelligence.
  • They’ve got a heart of gold.
  • They are extremely loyal and the most reliable people on Earth!
  • They will win, not immediately but definitely!
  • Capricorns don’t have time for anybody’s bullshit.
  • They are tolerant, devoted, supportive, ambitious, and patient.


Confidence for a Capricorn is a hard thing to find, but when he finds it, he loves it, making him a nice and faithful friend and partner. And it is good to show him that, just as you trust him to see your right hand, he can trust you.


Cancer is the complementary sign of Capricorn, and while these two are somewhat different, stoic Capricorn will benefit a lot from the caring ways of Cancer. Cancers will show Capricorns how not to take themselves too seriously and how to relax. They will also make Capricorns realize that there is nothing wrong with being responsive since cancers are in contact with their emotions. The work ethic of Capricorn encourages Cancer to strive harder to accomplish targets.


In general, if people display the characteristics typical of their sign, intimate relationships between a Capricorn and another individual can be described as follows:

Check out our compatibility chart for more insights:

Compatibility With:














   Difficult, yet with plenty of romantic fireworks.

   Harmonious; a couple who seem to live in a world of their own.

   Turbulent, with lots of conflicting ideas and preferences.

   Difficult, yet these two have a lot to give each other.

   Turbulent, but they make a glamorous pair.

   Harmonious; a true love match if there ever was one.

   Difficult, but the challenge is well worth it.

   Harmonious; an erotically charged relationship.

   Harmonious; lovers, friends, and partners in ambition.

   Pleasurable, but is sometimes a marriage of convenience.

   Harmonious, although may be somewhat lacking in passion.

   Harmonious, with Pisces nurturing Capricorn’s ambitions.


If Capricorns at first seem aloof, it’s because the risks of a new relationship are measured.

They are very happy to be your audience, so don’t be afraid to engage in conversation about the initiative. A sure way to catch Capricorns’ attention is to be funny, for they are essentially melancholy types that need an emotional boost.

They always try to hide their emotions since they are afraid to reveal themselves too much. Never mind that their anxieties are unfounded; they feel this way. The Capricorns will be pretty hard to fathom, even at their most accessible.

Capricorns are interested in art, music, and theatre and are attracted to intellectually stimulating individuals.

They tend to talk about serious topics. Listen as if you were hearing the Gettysburg Address for the first time, whenever they plan to state an opinion. And don’t bring up extreme or far-reaching views. They shied away from unconventionality.

You can’t go wrong having a Capricorn something practical as a gift. Make sure that it is of the highest quality, not a gaudy or showy item. Born under this symbol, persons appreciate comfort but are far too conscious of the worth of a dollar to admire someone who splurges just to make an impact. Books are always a good item, particularly biographies, self-help books, and books dealing with investments.

Hint: Be always on time. Time is income, and you know how that makes the Capricorns feel.