Information On Virgo Astrology


   Date Range:         August 23 – September 22

   Symbol:                 The Virgin

   Quality:                Mutable

   Day:                      Wednesday   

   Spirit Color:        Gray, Navy Blue

   Flower:                  Pansy, Morning Glory

    Metal:                  Mercury

   Greatest Compatibility: Taurus

   Element:              Earth

   Ruling Planet:       Mercury

   Ruling House:      Sixth

   Polarity:                Negative

   Season:                 Summer

   Perfume:               Patchouli

   Lucky Number:  3 & 5

   Lucky Gem:          Peridot

Top Love Matches: Cancer


Usually, Virgo is represented as a young woman with wheat shafts. It is important to remember that Virgo is often known as the “virgin,” but in ancient times, the word “virgin” really had two meanings: not only was it used to denote a person who is not sexually experienced but also an indie woman who did things for herself and no person kept charge. Indeed, when Virgos can do things in their own way, they excel.

According to Virgo’s symbolic meaning, the double sense of the word ‘virgin’ represents the twofold essence of the majority of Virgos. Often they believe fully in their thoughts and skills, but other times they are full of doubts and naivety as a young novice. The fact that Virgo is one of the four mutable or shifting signs of astrology (the other three of Gemini, Fish, and Sagittarius) corresponds to this aspect of their character perfectly.


When the Sun is ready on Earth for a change of seasons, the Sun moves through the Mutable signs of the zodiac, and people born during these Mutable signs are considered highly adaptable in various circumstances. These individuals are versatile and responsive to change and manage each situation according to the current needs and wishes. Virgos respond to external forces more easily than they force on others their will.

The wheat shafts of the strong young woman are part of the link between Virgo and the Planet since the Virgo is a sign to the Planet, one of the three Sun signs which are based on the physical and practical aspects of everyday life. The Earth aspect symbolizes logic, trustworthiness, and a sense of duty to the deserving and deserving citizens. The most accurate and responsible citizens born around the time the Sun passes through one of the three Earth signs. You have your feet on the floor and have a practical gift to understand the material world.

The wheat Virgo keeps symbolic of the harvest – the year when the birthday of the Virgo is over. Harvest time has been the busiest and critical time of the year for agricultural societies — this is why Virgo is working hard.



Best & Worst Behavior and Personality Traits of Virgo Zodiac Sign

  • Is capable of analyzing situations.
  • They are basically shy, no matter how talkative.
  • Unsentimental and unemotional.
  • They Serve others in some way.
  • Define them-self through work.
  • They feel a little insecure.
  • Notices and remembers details.
  • Efficient and orderly.
  • Helpful with practical matters.
  • Do not express feelings easily.
  • It can be critical or perfectionistic.
  • Take responsibility seriously.



1) Sympathetic

2) High energy

3) Dedicated

4) Witty and charming

5) Knowledgeable about good health


1) Overly demanding

2) Undemonstrative

3) Cranky and irritable

4) Nervous and worried

5) Dogmatic and harshly critical


1) Healthy foods

2) Flowers and herbs

3) Small animals

4) Plans and punctuality

5) Ingenious storage bins and boxes


1) Slang and cursing

2) Dirt and disorder

3) Disrupted routines

4) People who complain

5) Crowds, noise, and brash people


Virgoans can be just as young as they are on average, and think of a slim and ordinary figure as pretty ordinary, but boy, when they age, they cash in! Some Virgoans become heavy a little later on, but they typically stay in good shape for their height unless there is something else at work in their horoscopes. Their daily characteristics and their strong bone structure mean that their faces strengthen with age rather than collapse into folds. Some Virgoans are angular but photogenic when young. Some are naughty when young. The hair is decent but abundant; in white races, it is mostly very dark or pale, so it looks good all day long. Many Virgoans have the peak hairline of a distinct widow.


Both Virgoans have a persnickety hand, but everyone expresses it differently. Some people are uncertain about their homes; others are having trouble working or searching. Most of them accumulate and can be experts on a specific subject. Even if you’re kind, others can be incredibly difficult and difficult to live with. It takes really long to get over it if you are in love.


Virgoans are better off with people they meet than with strangers and are either going to enjoy outsiders or hold them alone. Some can be snug and out-of-date until you know yourself first. These subjects are self-aware, and they fear other people’s censorship since they are vulnerable and easily harmed. They can seem a little intimidating with sharp minds and their uncanny ability to see through others. The fact is that Virgoans will give themselves for the needs of those they love and are the greatest and most confident mates that can be chosen.

It is a functional earth symbol, linked to Mercury, the world’s intellectual brightness. Virgins have the skill and persistence to extensively research and become experts on selected topics. The Virgo mind is rational, analytical, and swift, and many communicators who use their talents in their professions are also excellent. Virgoans want a measure of their status and lifestyle and need respect for others if their self-respect is to be established. With each part in its pigeonhole, you like an organized existence.


This kind of emotional pigeonholing does not necessarily mean their homes are (although some are) clean models. For one thing, too many items are gathered to be completely smart. Motherhood sometimes operates in what looks like a flourish of papers and chaos, but they know exactly where it is (most of the time), and when others fiddle with what’s on their desks or what’s on the things they simply won’t. These very tense people have high expectations, often for themselves and others. Most are marvelously entertaining companions who love being ready and their ability to share jokes and tales.

Some Virgoans are neurotic and faddy eaters, hypochondriacs, or worriers. They are neurotic. Some people are afraid of something very unlikely to take place. Trustor not, I know Virgoans who lose sleep because they fear that a tiger or their local water supply will eat them one day. Psychologists advise us that there are a common dream and fear of being eaten by tigers and that they emerge from a fear that a man can only cope with life and feel that he might spiral out of control at any time. Virgoans are excellent reviewers who can differentiate easily between good and poor. Sadly, some use their analytical skills to damage others, while nearly all the Virgos are much too quick to criticize themselves.


Some of the Virgoans live in their homes, while others live alone even better. People with families do manage well, as long as it is not possible for them to tire of their foolishness or lack of faith. Virgo people are highly responsible for family life and can suffer a lot before considering leaving or losing a relationship. By cooking healthy food, keeping the house clean and clean, and making the lives of those around them run like clockwork, they are showing love for the family. For others, this pious, almost servant-like posture replaces the humiliating expressions of love they see. Virgoans will spend as much as possible on books, extra lessons, and extracurricular activities for their children. You teach your kids to paint, create, or collect stamps and sort them off.

Those who live alone usually don’t start like that, and they can marry even two times before they know their own company’s preferences. However, they never are lonely because they have so many mates that they have either a permanent, floating social club at home or never at home. Much works from home, which can lead to the number and the high quality of their phones, faxes, and e-mails passing through. Virgo is a sensual earth sign, which requires plenty of sex to demonstrate affection, affection, fun, and relaxation.


Virgos are excellent advisors and are always able to solve a problem. This can make them helpful and unbelievably useful to work with, but it also shows the need to look around the issue. You will care about people you have a close bond with, love, and help you over the years. You will win a close friendship between good deeds and a Virgo.

Family people who are born with their Sun in Virgo are committed to the elderly and ill. They are careful with their family. They are proud of their history and all that they considered as high as they are. Can understand tradition and the importance of duty.


The key issues here are the research, review, and communication. Much Virgoans work behind the scenes instead of in the light of day. Some work on radio, TV, and as journalists, mostly dealing with news issues in which they are able to think on their feet. They are of service to society and may take their own hypochondria in the field of medicine or complementary remedy. They’re more of a career that provides the variety and expands their minds. Some are so imaginative that they come with fantastic new gadget designs.

This sign is attached to the harvest period and can be found in the food industry, and some are excellent cooks. The publishing world is filled with Virgo boys. Publishing needs a rational mind, a skill in identifying problems, and the ability to focus long hours, coupled with the skill in writing and the experience to write both in order to provide information and to manage multiple jobs. This symbol also helps to hold the budget and remove initiatives that are not running. The Virgoan has a creative hand, which simply doesn’t let him be a cipher or waste his days doing troubled work.

The Virgoans appear to attract one very odd career: that of the impresario. They love performances, occurrences, and activities and can cope much more with this stress than the internal stress of their own nervous tension. A shockingly popular profession of Virgo is also taking place. When playing a part, they may become a different personality, and many have an imitation ability. Add this to your ability to talk, to learn scripts, to your discipline, and to your strong bone structure, and it is not difficult to see why so many excel on stage and on film.


Few Virgoans make a lot of money in financial and business industries, but most of them enjoy making a living. Virgoans may not be earning a fortune, but are never in debt. The Virgoans are careful like all earthly signs for wealth, and their pride insists they don’t seem losers. Virgoans spend freely on books, music, art, and all the knowledge they have about the environment and the window. They splurge on digital satellite TV, computers, and telephone technologies. When there is a practical or work-related trigger, many buy machines, cameras, and other devices. They enjoy movies, theatres, and local activities, as well as sports and games — though they are more likely to select chess or scrabble for many than football. However, they enjoy owning their houses, maintaining a bank account, and still holding something back for a rainy day.

Some people accuse Virgoans of being meek, but it isn’t. Virgoans usually don’t start life in their mouths with a silver spoon and have to go their way up. They find it hard to waste money excessively after years of government. They would want to be reimbursed if they owe money – a condition that doesn’t appeal to others who appear to be comfortable with the money of others.


Some people in the Virgin Islands worry unreasonably about their welfare. The weak points are your intestines and stomach, which can affect you, particularly if stressed, by such conditions as colitis or irritable intestine syndrome. Virgins may suffer from skin disorders; however, rather than lingering issues like eczema, they are more likely to respond to something that irritated them or even the bacterial infection. Our feet can be as sweet as they can be because their tendons are very strong and can easily be irritated in their feet and lower legs.


The urge of Virgo to have something perfect will manifest in dissatisfaction when the (sometimes unreal) expectation is not met. In addition to battling with friends and partners sometimes, the fixation on perfection by Virgo can trigger all of this, including the upload of an Instagram photo. A constant battle is mastering the flow and understanding enough.


Despite the picture that Virgoans are normally painted, they can turn off and often be extremely lazy. Often this is because they need to relax and take time off their tense, but nervous system.

It can be natty dressers for Virgoans. Their wardrobe choice is never scandalous, but their clothes are of high quality and sometimes very fashionable. Some spend a lot of money on their style, while others look amazing on a shoestring.

Many Virgoans write, but they are not the biggest writers of letters in the world.

It is difficult, even when it’s for other people, to spend money on holidays and relaxation.


Without a good Virgo, forces appear to think about all personal imperfections too much and never to be content with their own expectations. A virgin can be a convincing and all-know-how worker on the surface, but these facets of her personality hide a deep concern that her job or partner is not good enough.


In a number of settings, Virgos are socializing and charming new people, but all of this brings the energy to the bottom. While many people wish to become friends of Virgo, but this sign is highly selected as to whom they are accepted into their social circles. Virgins are able to meet a few of their main people and tend to spend big parties with a bottle of wine or a movie night. They keep their friends alive, and their social group generally consists of people they know from infancy. Virgos, particularly romantic ones, are extremely invested in their relationships, and they can look after themselves once they’ve found a partner and escape invitations from large groups.


  • Virgo one of the kindest people you will ever meet.
  • Virgos tend to improve the lives of those around them.
  • Virgos don’t go looking for trouble; but they are very intellectual people.
  • Virgo is a real hard-worker.
  • They always care about you.
  • Great at problem-solving.
  • Are passionate about what they believe in.
  • They’re the most loyal when they receive loyalty


Virgos have trust issues. If you have a big deal of abuse of that trust, you will be forever told how you have violated that trust from your lives. Virgos, of course, see what doesn’t strain their environment and are driven to form order constantly.


The other symbol of the Virgo is Pisces. It can be difficult to compare Virgo with fish, but some things are learned by Pisces from Virgo. Pisces will instruct Virgo not to give the whole time, but to accept assistance from another human. Fish will also teach Virgo how she can ease this vital inner voice a little and flow with the tide and build her imagination. Thus, Virgo will start to embrace, particularly herself, human imperfections.


In general, if people display the characteristics typical of their sign, intimate relationships between Virgo and another individual can be described as follows:

Check out our compatibility chart for more insights:

Compatibility With:














   Turbulent as lovers, but good as friends.

   Harmonious and secure—first class!

   Difficult; Virgo practicality versus Gemini theories and fancies.

   Harmonious and a true partnership of caring individuals.

   Harmonious; oh so different, yet the relationship can work!

   Harmonious and the quest for perfection shared!

   Harmonious; such different types, but the relationship works.

   Harmonious, as long as the Scorpio is boss.

   Difficult because respect is lacking.

   Harmonious, with both partners contributing to making it work.

   Difficult, but filled with arguments that neither lover hears.

   Harmonious because opposites attract, but then what?


Try being a good sport all the time. If you are invited to take this drink in a health food store, you will find it consisting of carrot and pep juice, smile, and sweeten. Virgos are fine eaters that are conscientious to their health. The laws of nutrition rank behind the Ten Commandments with them.

Besides the old standby to address work-related subjects, there is another strong conversational subject—Virgos, particularly exotic, like the smaller variety.

Set your cultural credentials up fast. Virgos are attracted to those who are superior to their own intellect or learning.

Don’t investigate your personal life too closely. Their privacy is secured. Ignore obscene or disrespectful areas of noise or entertainment. Virgos are proud of their good taste.

Let Virgo not upset you with worrying. People who have been born under this sign are natural worries. Are they going to be on time? Want to grab the aircraft? Is it going to rain or snow? Is the mail going to come? There is no end to their list of issues. No good thing; they never even do any of what they care about. They will continue to worry; it is their way of dealing with what might be wrong.

Both Virgo men and women enjoy useful and practical gifts however they are fantastic hobbyists, too, and they definitely have at least one particular interest.

There will be very few unique events with Virgo at the moment — at least if Virgo can’t help.

Cautious preparation will take place; all measures are defined in advance. Virgo works beautifully behind the scenes to do this. You just have to relax and take pleasure in it.