Information On Sagittarius Astrology

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

   Date Range:      November 22 – December 21

   Symbol:              The Archer

   Quality:              Mutable

   Day:                    Thursday  

   Spirit Color:      Purple & Blue

   Flower:                Narcissus, Holly

    Metal:                Tin

   Greatest Compatibility: Aquarius

   Element:              Fire

   Ruling Planet:       Jupiter

   Ruling House:     Ninth 

   Polarity:                Positive

   Season:                Autumn

   Perfume:               Peony

   Lucky Number:  5 & 7

   Lucky Gem:          Topaz

Top Love Matches: Aries


The bow-wielding Centaur, Chiron, is the symbol of Sagittarius: half men and half horses. Chiron Centaurus was the principal doctor of flavoring medicines and a wise sage. In classical mythology, he was the teacher of a pleasant person mythical being. The pilot for Chiron is that, through his own pain and capacity, the Wounded Hero World Health Organization learns to cure others.

The legend of Chiron may have begun with tales of a wise, proficient human, maybe the leader of the primary horseback hunting tribe. The opposing tribes most possibly saw them as 0.5 men and 0.5 horse. Traveling on horseback, with distinctive customs, permitted many alternate locations and tribes to be visualized by individuals. After they came back, they unbroke their own tribe spellbound with tales of these distant lands and cultures. Many born under the Sagittarius sign share this love of travel, animals, the beautiful outdoors, natural healing, and all things international, particularly horses. 

They are the zodiac philosopher-teachers, and while not this vital aspect, and not the accumulated knowledge of the ages to guide them, each generation will be forced to start from scratch. The Sagittarians do not keep the torch of learning light alone; they constantly request understanding and knowledge to make proper use of it. As a consequence of otherwise, learning and educating others would not be worthy; they are solely fascinated by the final word fact. The object of each Sagittarian is to be told the maximum amount as many subjects as doable as she can.


Sagittarians have a reputation for being blunt. Sagittarians feel that someone from the World Health Organization says the truth should be able to defend his place against each threat. They are keen on discovering, studying, and sharing what they need to be learned during a hurry.

Sagittarius is one of the four signs of the variable Sun in star divination (Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces are the three opposite). The changeable signals are associated with a shift, motion, and restlessness. The flow and also the meaning of regular readjustment are known by people born under the signs of the changeable Sun.      

Additionally, Sagittarius is one of all three symptoms of a Burn (the various two are Aries and Leo). The fireside signs are impulsive, sparkling, fast to anger, and straight to forgive. Sagittarians are not uncomfortable revealing even the most personal aspects of their lives to public scrutiny. While co-educated by knowledge and uncertainty, their innate integrity brings a nice aspect of consistency to their disposition. Never raise them to apologize for actually trying to urge the truth for disappointing others.


  • Pursues learning, teaching, and
  • Says what is on her mind.
  • Enjoy taking risks.
  • Witty and can tell funny jokes.
  • A good memory for facts.
  • Need freedom in relationships.
  • They can laugh about her misfortunes.
  • Is kindhearted, though tactless.
  • Often has unconventional attitudes.
  • Has to tell the truth.
  • They can be cuttingly sarcastic.
  • Strikes out when hurt.



1) Spiritual

2) Generous

3) Adventurous

4) Honest

5) Fair-minded


1) Roamers

2) Gamblers at heart

3) Feisty and impatient

4) Potentially fanatical

5) Blundering & careless 


1) New books

2) Freedom

3) Alternative ideas

4) Natural remedies

5) Parties & flirting


1) Being sedentary

2) Closed mindedness

3) Being too confined

4) Making commitments

5) Having to get dressed up


Sagittarians come in a wide range of types and sizes. Some of them are tall and raw-boned, some are small and slim, and some have wide breasts or hips. As with the Centaur symbol, the key distinguishing characteristic is that their top halves are always different from their bottom halves, and some have wide bottoms out of proportion to the others. Their best attribute is often their abundant, wavy, and lustrous hair and often a reddish-blond color (in white breeds).


If they have to remain in the same place for too long, these individuals get bored, so they mostly work in jobs that take them from place to place. With their hands, they are also incredibly smart and able to create or build something. They have a great sense of humor, and to the point of bluntness, they are frank. Some think deeply and hammer out a value system that suggests something to them, and inequality is outrageous to them.


The Sagittarians are sincere to the extent that, at times, they are frank and tactless. They don’t have time for deceit or lies, so what you typically see is what you get. There is a childlike quality in these individuals, which can manifest itself in a reluctance to acknowledge the engagement, or when they are off-color or unhappy, they can exhibit babyish behavior. This same childlike quality makes them perfect youth workers or teachers happy to be with kids of any age, and this naturally makes them wonderful parents too. Sagittarians are beautifully welcoming, non-hostile, and easy to get along with, though they are also cooler than close relatives or spouses as mates.

Sagittarians need liberty, and they do not want to be challenged as to where they were or what they were up to. Their authenticity means that whether they say they’ve been at some location or with a specific group of people — that’s the exact fact. They hate injustice, and Sagittarians have fine legal minds, so this may carry them into fields such as legal work or arbitration. 


They love chatting and listening to these people, and can happily spend a day arguing with their peers. Sagittarius is a nice and highly sociable company at a party. They make good friends, but from time to time, their propensity to run off to new pastures makes them somewhat inconsistent. Some Sagittarians are travelers from around the world who backpack their way to the wildest and most remote places. There’s legendary curiosity about something that’s distant or concealed from a regular view. In astrology, clairvoyance, paranormal, and spiritual healing, this also leads many of them into work.

The worst Sagittarian flaw is a propensity to grumble and to think themselves hard done by, even though their lives are pretty simple in reality, but they are extremely kind and supportive, opening them up to advantage takers. These subjects, however, are often highly broad-minded, and since everything interests them, they accept or take an interest in people of all races, cultures, and classes in society. They are idealistic and, if they can, they will fight for the underdog’s rights. The majority are interested in education, and they will do whatever they can to pass on to others their own advanced types of information.


It is difficult, once again, to categorize these topics. Others are true narrators whose homes are full of family, acquaintances, and animals, while others need to be free to wander the globe. Either way, if the mood takes them, they need to be able to take off in a fishing boat or visit friends in other parts of the world. Even when marriage was the rule, the Sagittarians often preferred to stay single, and some could jump at will from one partner to another. Others need the comfort of a regular relationship, while others, in addition to a few friends dropping in every now and again, are absolutely content with their own company. 

Their optimistic, humorous, and pleasant demeanor means that everything is simple for them if they choose to meet a new partner. They can at times be highly slashing, cynical, and even dominant, and dictatorial, and their occasional bouts of argumentative nature and unpleasantness may be the cause of breakdowns in marriage. Some find it very difficult to express affection, and fail to be romantic or do the little things that show their partner they’re loved. For their spouse, these people tend to do something practical, such as making a nice meal or setting up shelves.

Sagittarians may move through periods of complete celibacy, but their drive is very strong when they are in the mood for sex. Some find it difficult to commit to others, and they can be very promiscuous; some can make a bond, and when the mood takes them, they will be unfaithful. And some are absolutely loyal. Where this sign is concerned, there are no fixed laws. There are no limits when they do decide to explore; they’ll try something new and different.


Sagittarius is always surrounded by friends and is very enjoyable. The Sagittarius-born love to laugh and appreciate the variety of life and culture so that many friends around the world can be quickly acquired. They are generous and not just one of the lecturers. Sagittarius is committed when it comes to family and able to do almost everything.


For any Sagittarian, the most obvious career option is teaching and particularly teaching children and young people, where their contagious sense of fun can make learning pleasurable. They can be taken into the legal field by their familiarity with the language and sense of justice, and their sociability and fun-loving disposition often place them in good stead in this arena. In astrology or the spiritual fields of employment, many find full or part-time jobs, and even those who are not interested are most much open to offbeat or alternative ideas.

Sagittarians are hands-on fine. Many of them seek carpentry, electrical work, construction, plumbing, plastering, laying paths, and so on when this characteristic is correlated with their preference for peripatetic jobs. In documentation or figure work, they are not especially pleasant, so a spouse or business partner sometimes ends up doing this for them. Others work as reporters, reporters, or authors who are free-lance, who tap into their fascination with words and their desire for diversity, fun, and freedom.

In school, most don’t do very well, probably because they find the community environment and the need to consider others’ views and opinions much too much.


Restraining. Many, however, return later in life to research in some form or another. Some are taking up music, sport, or some other hobby that will later become a profession. These subjects are often more attuned to the land than to work or urban life at the workplace, and they enjoy working with or for the benefit of animals.

Some Sagittarians are drawn to show business, and they are always brought into the field of comedy by their sense of humor; indeed, many of the best comedians in the world come from this symbol. Others are true showmen, maybe tapping into an exceptional talent and making it pay. Sports are another significant arena for this symbol, as in whatever sport they decide to take up, they are always normal. They have enough competitive spirit to make their game a success, but through odd conduct, drunkenness, and lack of self-discipline, they can easily ruin their careers. When they aspire to hit the top, these subjects are better than when they actually get there. This is the traveler’s warning, and traveling is better for them than arriving.

Sagittarians enjoy traveling and meeting a range of people. Tradition says the Sagittarians enjoy horses, and all about the horse world’s people and environment. Many enjoy gambling, so the racing world suits them very well. Others are drawn to sport or show-business. The incentive, either way, is to do something that is out of the ordinary.


They are not money-minded Sagittarians. Their beliefs are not material but moral. Some may excel in their job, but many are simply doing what they can to make a living and leave it at that. Many Sagittarians achieve sport or show business success, and that brings in a lot of revenue. In this situation, the first thing that they do about it is to help their families out, holding themselves a little back for a rainy day. They need a stable base even though their work takes them on holiday, so they’ll save for a home and educate their kids as well.


Sagittarians worry about their health, and this is often the topic of their discussion. They may have a number of annoying ailments, but they somehow manage to live healthy and productive lives. Their typical weak points are the hips and thighs, but several, perhaps as a result of stress, have digestive issues.


Often the Sagittarius may be much too frank, putting their own desires before others. You don’t have to twist your principles, but sometimes, a white lie saves everything. Being part of the pack now and then can also be helpful. Sagittarius is so good at individually doing things, but as part of a party, often it can be easier, smarter, and more fun to do things.


Many Sagittarians are growing up in a religious environment, sometimes among individuals with particularly strong beliefs. They then doubt this and appeal to themselves for something more positive.

Sagittarians often find luck, love, and work in a country other than what they were born into. Their parents are both refugees, meaning they grow up with two cultures and at least two languages. Such people love to fly and to meet individuals from diverse backgrounds. They are curious about other lifestyles, religions, and viewpoints, and they have no preconceived ideas about people of various races, beliefs, cultures, or living standards. It all interests them.

Sagittarians can be much more eccentric than all of the other symptoms, including the wildest.


Whoever has robust Sagittarian influences within is a private UN agency desires to be free. Possessive spouses, conservative thinkers and bureaucrats UN agency inherit contact with Sagittarius ought to bear in mind of that. It’ll be sad for the Sagittarian UN agency is unbroken back in life, in love or in a chance to religious development.

Sagittarius conducts conflict between mind and ody, just like the Centaur, one in each of the Sagittarian symbols. His goal is to resolve the conflict so he will lead others.


Sagittarius has many mates from many parts of their lives and likes to communicate one on one, or in small groups with them. They often likes to play the “guest star” in various social classes when it comes to interactions. They might not go to a happy hour standing by, but the invitation is always available, and when they stop by, everyone is always happy to see them. Sagittarius has a few very close friends and appears to retain friendships forever, from various areas of their lives. Sagittarius may not be the easiest to stay in touch, but it is as if no time has passed when you can reconnect with a Sag.


  • They are swashbucklers who love adventure.
  • They are positive optimists.
  • Sagittarius are smart and have lots of interests.
  • They are playful and fun to be with or date.
  • They are spontaneous.
  • Sagittarius have a great sense of humor.
  • They are (brutally) honest and trust-worthy.
  • They love all types of travel.
  • Sagittarius are great lovers.


When it comes to partnerships, a Sagittarian can be finicky and impatient because he or she is in the broader scheme of stuff. This can also be counterproductive because before he speaks, the Sagittarian does not care about it, and so it is best not to trust the secrets to them.


Quick-witted, mercurial Gemini is that the complementary sign of Sagittarius, and whereas their area unit some clear parallels between the two signs — intellectual curiosity and colloquial love — their area unit several things they will learn from one another yet. Gemini has an eye fixed for facts that permits the wide-minded Sagittarius to fill within the blanks. Plus, Gemini offers fantastic parties and contains a rare ability to treat each interaction as if it were the simplest she’s ever full-fledged. The “no hurt, no foul” mentality that Sagittarius has towards life encourages Gemini to be less nervous.


In general, if people display the characteristics typical of their sign, intimate relationships between a Sagittarius and another individual can be described as follows:

Check out our compatibility chart for more insights:

Compatibility With:














   Harmonious; a passionate partnership.

   Turbulent, if Taurus attempts to control Sagittarius.

   Difficult, but the partners have the ability to challenge each other.

   Turbulent, because Cancer is security conscious.

   Harmonious, though, Leo can be stubborn.

   Difficult, since they are emotional opposites.

   Harmonious, with a shared enthusiasm for life and love.

   Harmonious, unless Scorpio makes too many demands.

   Pleasurable; lifetime lovers and best friends.

   Harmonious, if Capricorn can learn to be more carefree.

   Harmonious; these two are made for each other in every way.

   Difficult, unless Pisces can be less needy.


You’re not going to have trouble hitting up a chat. In almost all, Sagittarians are involved. They’ll decide you’re a fascinating conversationalist when they’ve talked about their favorite topics!

Ask about their career, their colleagues, the books they’ve read, and their answers to a news story today. You are already halfway home with a Sagittarius if you happen to enjoy animals or outdoor activities.

There is a fine line between taking an interest in and prying about their interests. Don’t cross the boundary. Sagittarians are very suspicious of someone who may try to place them in a corner. Don’t worry if talking about generalities gives you the impression that you’re slipping over ice quickly.

On a better acquaintance, matters will change. In reality, you may find that your problem is trying to ignore the direct, often unnecessarily frank inquiries which Sagittarians are going to make. They want you to share privileges with them or ask for their advice when they get to know you.

Sagittarians enjoy outdoor dates: star dancing, open-air concerts, beach picnics, skiing, or sailing trips. Since they can not afford to be hedged in or confined, they typically avoid big parties or too close quarters. Never infringe upon liberty. Never let their private lives mess with your emotional needs. And you would be smart not to stock up too much on their commitments. The words are written on water.

Enjoy being with Sagittarius but don’t think you signed a deal for a lifetime, because Sagittarius doesn’t think that way. And when it’s over, do not look back with regret.