Information On Pisces Astrology


   Date Range:       February 19 – March 20

   Symbol:               The Fish

   Quality:              Mutable

   Day:                     Friday

   Spirit Color:       Sea Green, Lavender

   Flower:                Water lily

    Metal:                Tin/Platinum

   Greatest Compatibility: Pisces

   Element:              Water

   Ruling Planet:      Jupiter/Neptune

   Ruling House:     Twelfth

   Polarity:                Negative

   Season:                Winter

   Perfume:               Ylang

   Lucky Number:   2 & 6

   Lucky Gem:          Moonstone

Top Love Matches: Taurus


The last sign of the zodiac is Pisces. It includes a bit of all of them, since it is the last of the 12 signals. When they take time to learn a little bit, people who were born with this sign sometimes find that they get the feelings of others literally. This explains why fish people can understand how others feel so easily.

In reality, Pisceans are so sensitive to other people’s feelings that it is not good that they are close to irritated, sad or distressed people. If they disagree with each other, as shown by the Piscean symbol — two tensely locked fish, pulling each other in opposite directions forever — one side of the conflict may be the personality whose inner self is always preparing to withdraw from the universe.

Both empathy and telepathy are associated with Pisces. The blessing and the curse of all the fish is this inherent capacity to be invisibly linked to the people around them and around the world. They can know just how to support them, which is the specialty of Piscean, but the feelings of the Piscean individual are overwhelming and difficult to control others’ lives on their own.


Firstly, one of the four signs of mutable sun in astrology is Pisces (Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius are one of the other 3). Modifying signals may be modified and updated. The lake, too (the other two being Scorpio and Cancer) is one of the three water sun signs in the zodiac. Water signs respect their feelings and instincts.

Secondly, if you look at the real world, Pisceans will earn an unbelievable sum of money in business projects. When you believe this seems unthinkable in the light of Pisces’ reputation for dreaminess and escape, note that Pisces includes several other signs as its last sign. Both the things that unite us and the vast gaps between people are better understood by the fish. This is one of its great strengths, but if you allow yourself to be completely dominated by feelings or allow your sorrow of the human condition to lead you to escape, it may turn into an enormous weakness. They will achieve great things when they learn to combine their natural intuitive abilities with a pragmatic approach that does not neglect true, but unpleasant.


  • Has a warm, sympathetic heart.
  • Is very romantic.
  • Is rarely jealous, but gets hurt all the same.
  • Often appears vague and dreamy.
  • Protects her emotional vulnerability.
  • Talks slowly and importantly, knowledgeable on many subjects.
  • Is subtle while appearing to be helpless or incapable.
  • Is organized; manages the finances extremely well.
  • Has few prejudices.
  • Is emotionally involved.
  • Is not ambitious for status, fame, or fortune.
  • Cannot easily be fooled.
  • Has few material needs, but needs her dreams.
  • Does not try to dominate her partner in any way.



1) Creative

2) Compassionate

3) Loving & caring

4) Trusting & hospitable

5) Understanding of others


1) Temperamental

2) Sensationalist

3) Depressive & self-pitying

4) Prone to blaming themselves

5) Potentially losing touch with reality


1) Romantic places

2) Being loved 

3) Yoga & meditation

4) Candles and incense

5) Sleeping & dreaming


1) Dirty jokes

2) Ugly places

3) Skeptical attitudes

4) Stiff or tight clothing

5) Noisy, crowded places


Pisceans with slightly horsy faces with prominent eyes and noses may be tall. Other fish are medium-sized and have a slightly smooth look, pale eyes and slightly “flaxy” fur. Most of them have a smile ready. Many look great when they’re young, but are prone to carry water and weight a lot in their later lives and many even have pasty and puffy faces.


There are several types of fish. Many are exceptionally friendly, compassionate, fragile and highly caring, but many can be demanding and selfish. Others are quite businesslike, whereas others are unpredictable and capable of life without ever working together.


As I said in the paragraph above, unpleasant fish people use their incredible instincts to sniff out vulnerable people, and especially to make them extremely unpleasant. After that I want to concentrate my attention on the vast majority of fish, who are shuddering to think about causing harm to others. Fortunately, there are many more people of another kind around.

Firstly, Pisceans are incredibly smart and intuitive. Many of them are mental. Those topics greatly affect the lovers and also take care of those who find it difficult to take care of them. This puts them into care profession or turns them into a sort of earthly mother or daddy who takes care of all the little kids in the household, and even their own grandkids. These are the most supportive, loving mates, and if they can help, they never let a friend down. Some people work for charities, and can go astray with their own or someone else’s community to look after the poorest people.

Secondly, the softest hearts of those people. They can also save animals, the earth and everything else they can find. It goes without saying. I know of one lady from Pisces who rescues poorly handled pot plants. Those topics are emotional, incredibly fragile and some are too confident and trusting.


A lot of fish find their way into the fields of spirit, body, and mind, and acts as healers, mediums, crystal gassers, witches moreover, clairvoyants, tarot readers, and all sorts of other therapists. Some people understand astrology, palm logy, numerology and Kabala, but generally they are more in contact with less formal and spiritual arts. Others are intensely religious. The search is similar, regardless of how it appears.

The goal is to understand the mysteries of Heaven and to feel related to the “other hand” and a world not evident to the five senses. They easily enter a world of anthropomorphism and dolphins with their active vision. Like its closest neighbor, the Water fowlers, some Pisceans live with their heads and feet miles off the floor, but while the Water fowler attempts to sort out quantum mechanics and how things function, the Waterfowl seeks to comprehend ideas and facts which cannot be grasped.


Firstly, some fish lead messy lives, never really get together. Some people can keep a career, but they can’t cope. Piscean men will make the lives of women who love them challenging. You are genuinely sympathetic, loving, sensitive and caring and can be excellent listeners, some make a fragile, insecure woman or a difficult person in her life very attractive. But they’re not strong enough to hold anyone, as much as they want, so they eventually mislead those who want to trust them and bat them.

Secondly, they’re not terribly ambitious and have little energy to become business Capitan’s, but oddly enough, if others go up the performance ladder and leave them. Some fish are too loose to settle anywhere and they float away like hippies, everywhere and individually however, some people are escaping life with alcohol or drugs; some people use skills like music, drama and dance to carry them into another universe. The majority of fishermen is talented and can lead them in virtually any direction with their artistic and imaginative talents. No matter what they do, they need a creative outlet for their lives. I know Pisceans, who built a beautiful house out of a wreck or made classic cars out of parts or most importantly, they are all sorts of painters, musicians, dancers, singers and mystics.


Here, there are no tough and fast rules. Some fish have traditional marriages; many have conventional marriages. Some of them never left their parents or settle with a brother or sister. Some exist in non-sexual partnerships. More than once, many marry and many times. Many marry. Some will leave a partner, live with several others and then return to a former partner. Some of them are conventional; others are not conventional. This can lead them into weird relationships which can never really come to something. It’s a shockingly sexual sign. Some people tend to drift towards permanence. They typically have relatively good relations with their parents, other relatives and children, although they do not physically separate themselves from them. Many Pisceans care for their grandchildren absolutely or partially.


Pisces may be the best possible mates, sweet and loving. Indeed, they often discuss their friends’ needs. They are trustworthy, committed, caring, they will do their best to solve it if there is a problem in their family or between friends deeply intuitive, well before it happens, Pisces will know that something is wrong. Pisces are articulate and they won’t hesitate to show the people around them their thoughts. You want people to be open to you. For them contact is very important with loved ones.


Pisces are intuitive and always dreamy. Their imaginative talents are best displayed by Pisces, much better for charity. Fit careers Pisces are the following: lawyer, builder, vet, artist, social worker, and game designer.

They are able to help even though this means crossing lines because they have to make improvements in other people’s lives. It is a caring, hard worked, committed and trustworthy zodiac. The born fish can be nice to solve problems.


For many Pisceans, money is a complicated problem. They are in the true sense of the word, not materialists, and this can work against them on some level. But when they are moody to spend money on the non-essential pleasures of life, often they are culpable of having to pay immediately. If you’re not careful, this could lead to bad habits which affect your life and your pocketbook.

Pisceans understand not only intuitively but also well and properly about non-financial capital. Friendship, affection, the gratitude of the lovers fall into this category moreover, the favors that can be made depending on the people they affection to do if necessary. They are really capable in this way.


Fish are very safe and live sometimes long lives in the whole. They may have accumulation of fluids, rheumatism and high blood pressure. Many have poor vision or glare- or dryness-sensitive eyes. Some of them have really bad feet. Smokers, drinkers, or drugs cause themselves problems.


Fish may spend so much time in their heads, get excessively wrapped in an issue and conclude that there is no solution. Pisces are often one of the first signs to give someone an ear, but if we need help – particularly emotional support – sometimes the fish will wall itself off, thinking that nobody knows how they feel, and that nobody can even attempt it. Learning how to open can be an enormous lesson for fish. Naturally, nobody can read a mind about the fishes. Pisces often feel irritated that they are considered “more difficult,” that they might behave or appear defensive. Pisces must be taught to let their watchman love them, to encourage people to make mistakes.


Fish are difficult to identify, but most of them are very sweet and kind and sweet.

Many fish are emotional and insecure and may also suffer from depression and profound unhappiness. Firstly, fish can be in love at a hat’s throat and their emotions can be so overwhelming. They love the water and live by the water. Fish love to visit and live with various races and all groups of people. They are broad-minded and do not judge by race, faith, income, sexual orientation or otherwise.

Secondly, many of these subjects live in a country of fantasy and fantasies, which never really understand reality. Others are absolutely realistic, yet interact with partners who are unpredictable and prevent their lives. Pisces are decent swimmers and many of them are good in sports as well. This symbol is easily accomplished by dancing and music, and most dance love. The people are incredibly nice and they all enjoy dressing up, going out and having fun and laughing. The sense of humor in Piscean is simply marvelous.


Often Pisceans try to avoid the feelings of both their own and their surroundings. Nobody is better than those born under that symbol, by writing and visual arts, by altering the atmosphere or making enough money, to make their life as isolated and comfy as possible. You get into trouble if you use drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, religious zeal and other exit strategies to block the real environment and overpower your common sense.


Pisces have mates to choose from, but a small group seems to favor. They usually prefer one-on-one or small events for parties and find their resources quickly drained by too many social obligations. A Pisces is great with fun ideas and can breathe fresh life into the routine of the same old dinner simply by introducing a new rule — only desserts — or adding interesting topics into the mix.


  • They’re ridiculously imaginative.
  • This also applies in bed.
  • They’re extremely empathetic.
  • They’re natural-born flirts and romantics.
  • You’re kind a astounded by their creative genius.
  • They’ve got rhythm.
  • They’re incredibly compassionate.


Pisces can also be hard to comprehend because they aren’t always let that show, though very emotional. They’re introspective, but they don’t necessarily want to wear their hearts on the chest while they’re around people they trust deeply. Pisces will make faithful lovers unbelievable before they realize that they are heard and understood.


Virgo aware of detail is the additional sign of the fish. Like Pisces, Virgo is caring, ready to serve, but diligent and can help fish understand how to take on their duty worldwide. Virgo will teach Pisces the importance and encouragement of self control. The gentleness of Pisces has the ability to make Virgo realize that critique is often just harping.


In general, if people display the characteristics typical of their sign, intimate relationships between a Pisces and another individual can be described as follows:

Check out our compatibility chart for more insights:

Compatibility With:














   Harmonious, though Aries will always want to take the lead.

   Harmonious, creating a good balance between passion & domesticity.

   Difficult, if Gemini can’t appreciate Pisces’ spiritual side.

   Harmonious; a happily-ever-after relationship.

   Turbulent, yet with a karmic connection that just won’t quit.

   Difficult, but the partners are supportive of each other’s needs.

   Turbulent, unless Pisces allows Libra to shine in the spotlight.

   Harmonious; deeply spiritual and incredibly passionate.

   Difficult; an emotional roller coaster, but fun.

   Harmonious, so long as Capricorn learns to be tender.

   Pleasurable, since personality differences can’t spoil their love.

   Harmonious; a truly romantic pairing with incredibly soulful results.


In discussions about the world of culture, art, books, poetry and drama you will still interest them. Another sure way for them to be aware of is to explore any topic touching upon the paranormal, mysticism, spiritualism and the supernatural. The debates about it are interesting fish that don’t really believe in it (there are few).

Firstly, tell them your concerns. Tell them your concerns. They are excellent listeners and most of them have sincere sympathy. But don’t look like your issues are daunting. While fish have uncommon mercy for losers, they prefer good, friendly people with clear goals and a positive approach to life.

Secondly, a successful alternative strategy is to speak humorously about your difficulties. Fish like to laugh and your ability to smile away will impress. Ask them if they are well aware of a subject. (Tip: The fish are artistic or at least have a true appreciation for the arts, so you can hardly go wrong in that direction.) Indeed, the conversation will return to your problem. Fish enjoy description and clarification and expansion. Greet them often with a compliment or remember to echo a flattering statement from another person about their looks, or social presence. Fish soaks up like water soaks up flattery from the Sahara. Be sentimental, particularly. Mind every anniversary and birthday. Pisceans are grateful and do not lack compassion or consideration. You’re going to be compensated richly.