Information On Taurus Astrology


   Date Range:            April 20 – May 20

   Symbol:                   The Bull

   Quality:                   Fixed

   Day:                         Friday   

   Spirit Color:           Green, Blue, Pink

   Flower:                     Violet & Poppy

    Metal:                     Copper

   Greatest Compatibility: Cancer

   Element:                Earth

   Ruling Planet:        Venus

   Ruling House:       Second

   Polarity:                 Negative

   Season:                  Spring

   Perfume:                Rose

   Lucky Number:   4 & 6

   Lucky Gem:          Emerald

Top Love Matches: Virgo


Taurus is one of the four zodiacal Fixed Signs (the other three are Scorpio, Aquarius, and Leo). Set signs are resolute, strong, and stubborn. And they have a sense of the natural world.

Even Taurus is one of the three signs on Earth (the other two being Virgo and Capricorn). The signs on Earth affect the physical world — what they can see, experience, hear and touch. The planet symbolizes the world where development happens. Earth signs represent the notions of nutrition, safety, and security. They promote conservativism and tolerance.

They work best when they can focus and stick to a plan, particularly when they know that their reward will be both pleasure and luxury. Spontaneity can be a surprise to them, even a challenge. While they may not be the first to commit to a new concept, they will accept it once they get started and pursue it to the finish. They are honest and deeply loyal in their lives — to thoughts, beliefs, and people.


  • Dedicated to results.
  • Shyness of new people is illustrated.
  • Manage stressful circumstances well.
  • Loves singing.
  • Genuinely faithful friend.
  • Have good sense.
  • Prefer fast food and good food.
  • They have a luxurious and exquisite taste.
  • Pragmatically and hollowly, they conduct.
  • Hard work for defense building.
  • Financially, they analyze conditions.
  • Unpretentious and quiet.
  • May be suspicious of others and suspect.
  • Use charm to get what you are looking for.

Fundamental Taurus Astrology Sign Traits



1) Affectionate

2) Tolerant and gentle

3) Faithful with timing

4) Practical with resources

5) Musically and        artistically creative


1) Self-indulgent

2) Too slow

3) Overly conservative

4) Embarrassed by free spirits

5) Likely to stay in bad relationships too long


1) Gardening

2) Vacations

3) A wonderful meal

4) High-quality clothes

5) Expensive birthday presents


1) Sudden changes

2) Complications

3) Synthetic fabrics

4) The insecurity of any kind

5) Doesn’t like freelance jobs


The Taurean body form is either pretty heavily overweight or very slim and rarely tends to be a middle ground, but even the thin sort will put on weight as their lifestyle shifts from active to sedentary. The larger Taurean has a large tummy and broad thighs, but a large or prominent rear side is uncommon for any Taurean. None of the two are tall. The hair is thick, and always with a low hairline, the eyes are wide and beautiful. Many Taurean men grow beards, and many women pile on makeup for some reason — it’s almost as if they feel a need to cover their faces behind something.


Taureans are true people of the world who enjoy nothing more than being at home doing things with or without their families. They are calm, optimistic, and attentive, but they don’t like being hurried or pushed around. They are known for their stubbornness as well as their complacency, but they can lift mountains when they are roused. The Taurean’s have a highly developed sense of taste in all its forms and a love of beauty.


They are conservative, choosing a healthy home life, regular jobs, hobbies, and interests within normal limits. They may attend religious services on a fairly regular basis if they are familiar with religion, and some might become actively active in a spiritual or even a cult activity. Taureans are good in their professions because they stay put and get on with the job, and some have strong executive skills. These people are extremely intelligent, and some are outstanding business people, but most of them seem to prefer a comfortable and stable middle-ranking role where they enjoy their responsible attitude and thoroughness. Taureans are smart and well-read, and often have a lot of knowledge about their chosen subject, but are unlikely to become academics. Often they trust in their wisdom and expertise because they do not show it or place it on airs and graces.

Taureans are usually middle-class people struggling to pay off a mortgage, putting their kids to school, enjoying meals with friends and vacations, or going to shows and music events. Any of these subjects are highly creative, and in a profession or hobby, they would be using this artistry. They have “clean” hands, meaning they easily use tools, make stuff with their hands, and hardly ever lose something. They are clever and dexterous. Taureans hate to be hurried, preferring to take the time to get it done in a good time. They are generally very sociable and enjoy going out and laughing and chattering with friends.

Some Taureans are so fascinated with a single hobby that they turn any conversation around to it and bore others to death, but most of them have a reasonably average attitude towards the things that concern them.


Taureans are real family people who usually don’t go in for affairs who adventures, but some are shockingly flirtatious despite this. They stick to their partner for life if they are happy in their first marriage, but if this doesn’t work out, they usually get married again sooner or later because they are sociable and don’t like their own company too much. Taureans stay close to their kids and make an attempt to see their adult offspring as often as possible even though their kids live on the other side of the planet. These people are caring and loyal partners with whom life is always peaceful and fair. 

Their obstinacy can make them complicated, and often they’re so close-minded that they can’t see anything else but their own way of doing things. When it comes to divorce, they’re going to get so mixed up fighting for money or trying to impoverish their ex-partner that they’re doing more harm to their families and themselves than they do. They care about older parents and enjoy staying in touch with other relatives. Many Taureans become experts in using the Internet to establish contact with distant relations. Rarely do their partnerships reign over their relatives.


Friends – People born in this sign are trustworthy and always ready to lend a hand in friendship, even if they may be closed to the outside world, before building trust for new social connections that they make. Many of their friendships begin with a promise to last them a lifetime in infancy. If they have formed a strong intimate bond with another person, they will do all they can to maintain the relationship and keep it functional even in difficult times.

Work – Home and family problems are of great importance to any Taurus. This is a person who loves children and enjoys spending time with others who love them, honoring family traditions, rituals, and being involved in all activities and gatherings. They’ll love throwing house parties for both their family and friends, and if they’re just having fun in exchange, don’t mind preparing a meal for a room full of people.


Taurean occupations typically include creating something artistic or doing something and often dealing with the public. This is the sign of the building engineer, house-builder, woodworker, hairdresser, cake-maker, dress-designer, makeup artist, gardener, or anyone who has a career in some other practical field. Most are lovers of the animals, and some choose to work in this area, while farming and animal husbandry are common Taurean jobs on a larger scale. Another interest Taurean has in finance. These people are both wise and cautious about money and sometimes find jobs in professions like finance, where they take care of the money of people, and some also make money from investments. Some work as accountants or bookkeepers.

Many Taureans have excellent voices, and many are talented singers too. They may be drawn to acting, dancing, and singing. Consider Taurean singer and dancer Cher’s talent, or Fred Astaire in a generation before him. Typically they’re not sporty or into gymnastics, but they’re drawn by the rhythm and music. One odd thing is that many Taureans seem to be going into Gemini-type occupations like telephone work, working in call centers, or organizing teams of workers to go out and repair problems, but in their hobbies, they will be sharing their artistic or musical abilities. Taureans make good workers, but they don’t live to work. These people see their jobs as part of their lives, rather than as the main problem.

Oddly enough, Taureans will find their way into occupations that would relate more to the Aries or Scorpio signs, such as police work or armed forces professions.


Taureans typically don’t start rich, and it may take them a long time to build up some sort of protection. They can not make much money if they go into business for themselves, because few of them are true entrepreneurs, and they don’t have the stamina or the hunting instincts of a successful salesperson. They do better by working in a job and ending up with a pension. Taureans make shrewd investments, hang on to what they have, and eventually build up a strong financial base to some degree of security that ends their lives.

Some Taureans aren’t too happy to be living off a richer wife. They are not interested in gambling and rarely spend real money on gadgets or frivolous things because they prefer to have something worth saving or waiting for. If the usual household costs have been paid, they can only payout for “extras,” and there is some emergency spare money in the Bank. They work hard to get back on their feet when difficult times come.


Taurus is an exceptionally good sign, and many Taureans have been living for a very long time. They don’t drink too much and are usually pretty fit as long as they don’t smoke or lounge around too much. Look at Elizabeth the Queen. She comes from a long-lived family and will certainly live herself in an incredibly long life. She’ll probably hold on to her job and role in true Taurean fashion even though she’s been doing some real work for a long time. Another example is Pope John Paul, who, despite his age and infirmities, served for many years. The sore spot of the Taurus is the neck and stomach, and the lower jaw. Most wear spectacles, though others have eye problems. Most subjects have a sweet tooth and need to watch their weight later, even though they start lean.


Yeah, they work hard, but they are lazy as well. How would that be even possible? Since Bulls are so guided by their own internal compass, they often have trouble pivoting to meet the demands of someone else, which can lead to difficult times at work or at school. For all Taureans, learning to respect the views of others is a lifetime lesson.


Typically even a seemingly unusual Taurean ends up living a traditional life. I have one young gay mate, but she has a happy relationship with a very beautiful young woman. They buy their flat, and their great love is their two dogs, which they call their “baby.”

Taureans love traveling easily and hate roughing it, so they’re drawn by cruises and decent hotels, rather than camping or backpacking.

You won’t find this in any astrology journal, but Taureans are natural counselors, so call a Taurus if you have an issue you need to speak to a smart, compassionate, and trustworthy friend about. But don’t keep coming back for more after you have done this, because they might get bored.


Taureans enjoy life’s best things and long to be wealthy, retired, and surrounded by beauty. Yet they secretly fear not having the material resources to make their dreams come true. Taurus individual wants to appear calm and maco, but when they finally show anger, it can be damaging to those around them and so upsetting to themselves that it takes them a while to regain their self-esteem and composure.


A Bull’s social circle is likely to include a couple of friends they made in kindergarten because once Taurus thinks someone’s worth having in their life, they’re friends forever. Bulls enjoy spending time in a small social group with people they know; at a club or crowded bar, they can feel claustrophobic. The Taureans enjoy harmony when it comes to relaxing at the weekend. They enjoy socializing but even self-improvement, and they don’t care about wasting a couple of weekend hours on work tasks.


  • You’re never going to see another love like that once they love you.
  • You would like to hear about your inner ideas and desires.
  • They are very faithful to each other.
  • A Taurus really feels everything.
  • In the finer aspects of life, they love.
  • They’re really watchful.
  • They have a close friendship with each other.


People born under Taurus are very powerful individuals. They need a stunning sense of trust and stability. Although they appear to be emotionally closed off and almost distrustful to the point that they are suspicious, if you win the respect of a Taurus, they will be the easiest friend or partner you’ll ever invite.

A Taurus is that the Zodiac as a whole best expression of growth and development. Often this is why Taureans are considered very rooted and earthy nurturers. They are really compassionate, and they have compassion.

Each Taurus needs to live in peace. They are always thinking about making everything around them look pleasurable and wonderful. They are profoundly material, and their happiness relies on their lifestyle belongings and protection. The need for an equilibrium of a Taurus also allows them to be very versatile while they are known to be extremely stubborn. Often they fail to find a balance, but they’re internal go after simplicity helps them find harmony in their personality.


The opposite symbol of Taurus is Scorpio. Since both signs are stubborn, it can be difficult for the two to compare. Scorpio, however, will teach a Taurus how to gain insight into other people’s desires and motivations, and eventually into the very life of the Taurus. However the strength and motivation of Scorpio parallel the resolve of Taurus, the Bull will learn a great deal about the spiritual terrain of Scorpio’s love and dedication. Scorpio is reluctant to forgive, as is Taurus.


In general, if people display the characteristics typical of their sign, intimate relationships between a Taurus and another individual can be described as follows:

Check out our compatibility chart for more insights:

Compatibility With:














    Harmonious, but requiring respect for boundaries.

   Pleasurable, but can sometimes be lacking in excitement.

   Harmonious, despite considerable differences in personality.

   Pleasurable because Taurus understands Cancer’s sensitivity.

   Difficult, with arguments about money being a constant factor.

   Harmonious in the extreme—a very tender love story.

   Turbulent yet affectionate and passionate.

   Difficult in the extreme, however periods of obsessive passion.

   Turbulent if Taurus attempts to make Sagittarius conform.

   Harmonious, because of comparable values and goals.

   Difficult, but a sense of humour is a big help.

   Harmonious, with both partners supporting each other’s dreams.


It’s not going to hurry the Taureans. They want everything to be based on a strong basis, including friendship or a love affair. However may require discipline and patience, but these are qualities that Taureans appreciate since they themselves possess those traits.

Hint: It’s up to you to travel first. Taurus is reluctant to make up his mind, and if you don’t take the initiative, the chance will be gone.

Show them that you like being in their business, and try to entertain them. These tranquil, easy-going people respond to those they can borrow laughter from. You’ll find them charming, interesting, and interesting companions. With an appropriate comment at the right moment, a tendency to be quite ponderous or to go on at an unnecessary length may be reversed.

Nonetheless when you say a joke, note that the sense of humor of Taurus tends to be wide, robust, Rabelaisian. Their funny bones hit with physical wit.

Feed him or her well if you are feeding a Taurus. Take her to a restaurant where you can get a nice bottle of wine, and the chef knows his business. Cook him a home-cooked meal that shows you know the way around a kitchen and don’t skimp on that part.

If a lag starts the conversation, try that never-failing topic of interest: money. Show off your prized possession by all means, from stamps to miniatures in ivory to jade, or even Indian-head pennies.

Don’t monopolize the debate. They like to speak once the Taureans get started. And don’t be niggardly praising their house, their car, their clothing, their jewelry, their simple good taste, and above all for them.