Information On Gemini Astrology


   Date Range:       May 21 – June 20

   Symbol:              The Twins

   Quality:              Mutable

   Day:                    Wednesday    

   Spirit Color:      Yellow & White

   Flower:               Lilly of the valley

    Metal:               Quick Silver

   Greatest Compatibility: Aries & Scorpio

   Element:              Air

   Ruling Planet:      Mercury

   Ruling House:     Third

   Polarity:                Positive

   Season:                Summer

   Perfume:               Lavender

   Lucky Number:  5 & 9

   Lucky Gem:         Emerald

Top Love Matches: Libra


The ancient sages, thousands of years ago, were wise to choose a pair of twins as the symbol for Gemini. For it is as if two distinct individuals with two separate sets of beliefs and views reside within the Gemini. They are known for working best when they have two or more tasks to do at the same time, personifying this idea of duality.

People born under the sign of the Twins are among the strongest knowledge communicators, both in terms of relaying what they have discovered and sharing their opinions. Even though they speak plainly, their propensity to use large words and lengthy sentences sometimes causes some to have trouble in understanding the exact meaning of what they are trying to say.

Twins are professional at everything they put their lightning-quick minds to, interested in anything. They are perhaps the most flexible of signs: doing one thing exceptionally well is unusual for a Gemini. Those born under this sign also possess great mental dexterity. Their capacity to quickly understand and interact creates both constant curiosity and the ability to take on any side of a dilemma.


Gemini is one of the four zodiac signs that are mutable or changeable. (Sagittarius, Pisces, and Virgo are the other three.) Mutable signs are versatile and variable — they know how to change and shift. They are eager to know what there is to know, and they’re more than happy to change their views as knowledge comes along that appeals to them. All Mutable signs possess a duality ability, but because Gemini is the sign of the Twins, that trait is the strongest in them.

Gemini has an abundance of intellectual capacity, one of the three signs of Air (the other two are Aquarius and Libra). The desire for contact and freedom of speech, feeling, and movement have air signs in common. Air is a metaphor for the invisible ideas and thoughts which motivate Gemini.

The joy of Gemini gossip. Although most people don’t participate more than others in this practice, they are better at it and rejoice in it more. You can bet that the most up-to-date knowledge available is when a Twins tells you something. They love to be up to date on the latest news, and they’re doing their best to know about it. They are famous for their curiosity. They thinks that if they had only the time and access to enough information, they might really get to know it all.


  • Friendly and
  • Intelligent and witty.
  • They are Graced with superior social skills.
  • Experts at telling jokes and
  • Give useful advice.
  • Optimistic and upbeat.
  • Take an interest in friends’ interests.
  • Loves to read.
  • Curious about many subjects.
  • Adept at multitasking.
  • May change his mind often.



1) Witty and charming

2) Inquisitive and smart

3) Good with their hands

4) Articulate & entertaining

5) Graced with a quick mind and body


1) Prone to boredom

2) Impatient & irritable

3) Untrue to their word

4) Quick to size people up

5) Often nervous and restless


1) Planning trips

2) Novelty gifts

3) Gossip columns

4) Telling a good story

5) Doing several things at once


1) Inflexible people

2) Committing to a date

3) Losing an argument

4) Listening to complaints

5) Waiting for an answer


Most Gemini’s are average height or a little less and seem to be slim — sometimes even too thin, but some Twins are exceedingly overweight, so there doesn’t seem to be much of a happy medium. Some begin extremely thin and later become big in life; others go from thin to later positively scrawny in life. This indicates there is no particular hair color and skin tones appear to be lighter for all breeds. Lots of Gemini’s have long heads. With their beauty, they takes a good deal of care, and until far into old age, they will stay young looking. Many Twins have very fine hair, which, if there’s enough of it, is fantastic, but some have such sparse hair that it becomes their life’s bane.


Gemini’s company is kind, friendly, sociable, and great. These smart, up-to-date people are sympathetic listeners and fast talkers and are fun to have as friends. These admirable people are rarely lazy, and Twins keep down jobs even very sickly. They value family life, but by being unduly bossy parents, they can alienate their children. If they drop out in love, they are almost broken, and it takes a long time to get over it.


When Gemini learns that I am interested in astrology, they always hurry to point out that, like their symbol, the Twins, they consider themselves to be two-sided. I can’t honestly tell they’re more dual or multifaceted than any other symbol, but I think they know what they mean. What I do know is that Gemini people are always restless and frustrated with their lives, and some of them are always searching for something better. This takes them into one marriage after another in some instances; in others, it takes them from work to work or place to place.

Others stay put but become complainants and bores, enabling the traditional they whine to invade their voices as they concentrate on their favorite subject — they themselves! However, they do have a point, since Gemini’s sometimes go through a tough childhood and a stressful early marriage before later in life hitting their stride. Life really starts at forty for them and then progresses as each following year goes by. Gemini longs for stability, but they can find it stifling, and while they love change and diversity, they feel uncomfortable if there is too much of it.


Gemini is a sociable, helpful, and good company. With friends and family, they enjoy eating and drinking, and they love the chance to have a good laugh, but they can be counted on not to become loud or to make an exhibition of themselves. Gemini has a reputation for not being able for a long time to stick to something, but that’s not always the case.

They are delighted to research or work on something that interests them, and when they are bored, they just turn off, but they can not adhere to a boring routine or take on a big job that involves concentrating on the information. All the Gemini I’ve been through need jobs and lifestyles that involve variety and novelty. Gemini can’t listen to those who say long-winded tales, and they turn off and change the topic when faced with a bore. Some may have butterfly minds, while others may study hard as long as the subject is important to them.

The downside to this symbol is a propensity to panic until they come to them and to cross bridges. Some Gemini gets obsessed with past hurts, and when a marriage or a love affair goes wrong, putting it behind them and moving on will take them several years. They love their own company, but they like to know that the end of the phone is where their friends and relatives are. Gemini’s are easy, humorous, kindhearted, and generous thoughts. More deceptive forms of people will bring their generosity and good hearts to good use. The truth is that the vast majority of Gemini’s are cooperative, fair, accountable, hard-working, and easy to get along with, which is why both at work and socially, they are so in demand.


Gemini’s are narrators who tend to be alone in a relationship, and they would go halfway to meet almost any kind of partner. By being moody, anxious, and likely to go on about themselves and to fret and worry over trifles, they can irritate a companion, but they are perfectly rational for the most part. Gemini loves chatting and listening, making them fun to be with their wit and humor. Gemini’s aren’t actively interested in housework, so they’re going to buy whatever devices they need to get the job done, or they’re going to find someone to do the chores for them, so their homes operate smoothly.

Whether a meal is not up to scratch or if the place is temporarily untidy, they won’t complain to their spouses, while most can’t survive long in a real mess. Even when their family lives are busy, these subjects need a bit of peace and quiet and time for themselves. Most love to potter in the greenhouse, as this realistic outlet would calm them. Gemini’s are flirtatious, and while some in relationships are unreliable, some actually love flirting, and the opposite sex admires them. Gemini’s can be very sexy, and the dual nature of their personalities means that with more than one partner at the same time, many of them go through a certain phase of their lives.

One unusual fact is that Gemini’s sometimes get involved with those connected to them in some way, often establishing relationships with brothers-in-law or cousins. I have also come across situations where a complete stranger has married the Gemini, only to later learn that they are relatives.


A Gemini has an abundance of social networks, and loves chatting, searching out information, constantly trying to find people with a strong need to communicate. They may simply lose interest in the whole theme of each discussion without even flow of words being spoken and wish to remain on the move, feeling motivated and rapt by the shared data.

Family is extremely important to a Gemini once they need to build a strong emotional link, particularly to their young people. They reveal their partner’s lack of continuity with their exceedingly high expectations, do not specialize in the family as much as they do, and that they seem to have an additional modest and comfortable viewpoint to those with whom he shared a home. Although duties inherent in their family life are a challenge to their survival, thanks to being in 2 places instantly, they can realize a supernatural, doing just as they are supposed to.


In their work, Gemini needs variety and also interaction with a variety of different people. They also opt for a job where they meet on a regular basis or work with new people. Others are able to sit in one place as long as they have a range of activities and people to manage, while others want to get around and change the scene constantly. Many chose to work in some type of industry, mostly for large organizations. The favored Gemini occupations are clerical work, telephone work, and public relations, while others find work as chauffeurs or taxi drivers. In the fields of accounting and finance, many Geminis find jobs and have a natural fascination with figures. I remember one Gemini who worked in a bank telling me that Gemini also had eight of the nine accountants who worked there.

Teaching, broadcasting, and journalism are other common areas for Geminis. Many Gemini’s are more attuned to youth than the older ones, so they enjoy helping out in youth events or school. Some are musical or clever in some kind of craftsmanship, so as part of their work or as a hobby, they can take this up. Many go to therapy or psychology.


Typically these subjects are responsive when it comes to money, although they may overspend on clothing, particularly accessories such as bags, belts, and scarves. Females look fantastic in bright scarves and large earrings because they have very long necks. The wardrobes of Male Gemini are packed with costly casual clothes and sporty garments. They have an uncanny desire to marry those who earn good money, and some Gemini ladies will even take on the part of a rich older man as a trophy wife. They can cope with budgeting and cutting when hard times come, but they tend to live in comfort for the most part. They go out and find ways of making good money themselves if nobody else is around to smooth their financial course.


The weak points of Gemini are the lungs and the fingertips, wrists, arms, and shoulders, too. I’ve found a lot of Gemini people suffer badly from their teeth. They also need to straighten their second teeth, and this can require years of costly care, either when they are teens or later in life. Their teeth fall apart easily, and with toothache or neuralgia caused by dental problems, they can suffer badly. Some suffer from eye disorders as well. The worst health concern is general nervousness, which can result in stress. Practically every Gemini smoked in the old days, but these days this is less so.

Some Gemini’s are true hypochondriacs that are unnecessarily concerned about any single thing. Some rush to the doctor at least once a week, while others take whatever alternative medication they can find.


Often the social chameleon rep will give Gemini a reputation as a two-faced one. While a Gemini is all about reality, a Twins is often more likely to speak about a dispute with others rather than confronting the person who is actually causing it. The Twins are also known to stir up a conversation just to keep things interesting.


Facts about Gemini Zodiac Sign

Gemini can be shockingly bossy, and some insist on talking to their kids as if they were two-year-olds, dumb or naughty, even though the kids are completely grown. They can get into the trap of assuming they know best and making it be known by those around them.

If Gemini’s play sports or games, they prefer team games to single combat. Their small light frames make them natural for gymnastics, tennis, badminton, and squash, while some may even get into less popular items like training or dog shows.

Many Geminis look after parents, grandparents, etc. either in a practical sense or in their old age by funding them.

Some Gemini’s are fussy eaters, and many don’t even like the eating practice at all. I recently read a research report that said the largest number of people born in May and June was anorexic and bulimic. The study indicated that this was possibly due to the pregnancy that took place during the winter, and that their mothers had suffered from influenza and other fevers during the early stages of pregnancy, which had some form of effect on brain chemistry. If this is true or not, it’s a fact that many Gemini’s prefer a heavy meal to a coffee and cigarette.


Gemini’s can offer the impression of knowing everything because they are good at so many things. They are restless, and people who just get to know them can think too much that Gemini fluctuates from one passion to another. But it’s not so much that Gemini’s mind is shifting a lot: rather, it’s as if every actual Twins is made up of many different individuals. They remind us that there is not just a single way to look at an entity or an is sue by being of several minds at the same time.


Gemini begins with “my friends and me” pretty much every sentence, and a simple scrolling through their social media feed will show how many people Gemini has in their lives. This sign appears to derive energy from hanging out with others, and in conversation, he often enjoys interacting one-on-one. Involved and motivated, They are happy to fly from event to event and is always ready for a four-party evening challenge. But they’re happy for one-on-one meetings as well, where they love discussing, going into deep discussions, and communicating beyond a superficial level. A Gemini is rarely solitary and is good at reaching out for health or company.


  • They are Youthful.
  • A Gemini tends to have an alluring aura of youthfulness that stays with them their entire lives.
  • Funny.
  • Sharp.
  • Quickly Adapt to New Situations.
  • Well organized.
  • Loyal.
  • Genuine.


Gemini’s square measure is very accurate and stands for their mistakes forever. In addition to choosing oneself, it is said that the Twins WHO is also a thief. They’re really kind. If you haven’t seen your cosmic energy profile before sending it out: Cosmic Energy Profile, the net is full of videos of someone who does not believe the star divination is shocked by the kind of insights that strangers get into their lives. You will be addressed as King/ Queen as long as you have Gemini’s confidence. You may just look like you owned them. When you have them, it is very strong to keep a gem; you can feel why the gem came to you.


Gemini Astrology Sign opposite symbol is Sagittarius. Sagittarius will teach Gemini how to look beyond her own obsession with details ruled by Mercury in order to see the wider view. They has a wonderful sense of humor, but unlike Gemini’s, it’s not about funny remarks or wry observations. Sagittarius understands how to make fun of himself. Both signs are keen on learning, communication, and, most of all, feelings. Sagittarius, like Gemini, wants a relationship focused on much more than merely physical attraction or sexual desire.


In general, if people display the characteristics typical of their sign, intimate relationships between a Gemini and another individual can be described as follows:

Check out our compatibility chart for more insights:

Compatibility With:














  Pleasant, with special emphasis on passion and shared goals.

  Harmonious, so long as there are shared goals.

  Pleasant, with amazing conversation as a highlight.

  Harmonious, if Cancer is willing to listen to what Gemini has to say.

  Harmonious in public, less satisfying in private.

  Difficult because too many details dominate.

   Harmonious—a true mutual admiration filled with affection.

   Turbulent and emotional, but a real love match.

   Difficult, but with a potential for teamwork.

   Turbulent, especially if values are different.

   Harmonious—a true meeting of the minds!

   Difficult because Pisces wants to lean on Gemini.


Take them up on the high ground. Gemini’s interests are broad rather than deep-knowing anything about anything, but not anything about it. If you know one thing well, you are going to impress them.

A buddy or a lover likes to give Gemini a kind of IQ test. You’re welcome if you are driving by. You can also choose the subject that you’re being checked on. Books, music, art, politics-Gemini gets involved in everything.

Beware that Gemini’s rating those rates as dull are too smugly conversation or conformist. Speak honestly on every topic, though. Gemini admires candor and integrity, and good exchange can be a strong basis for better communication, even with opposing opinions.

If you’re sure you can have verbal guns, don’t try matching wits. Gemini’s wielded words as weapons of any sex. They love communicating critically, but they love gossip as well. You’ll have an appreciative audience if you know some fascinating anecdotes about the popular, near-famous, or even just mutual acquaintances. Twins love someone who can make them laugh, too.

Want to send a present? Their costly hands will be set off by bracelets and rings. They need something to relax their busy life; you can provide them indoor games, which they like most like computer games or something which they can enjoy at home.

Warning: They are deeply sensitive and needs to be trusted by people. They never want you to be playing fast with them or losing a game in the divine of honour and don’t be suspicious of them; nothing distresses Gemini more than distrusting her intentions.