Information On Scorpio Astrology


   Date Range:       October 23 – November 21

   Symbol:               The Scorpion

   Quality:              Fixed

   Day:                    Tuesday    

   Spirit Color:      Maroon, Black

   Flower:               Gardenia, Rhododendron

    Metal:               Plutonium

   Greatest Compatibility: Pisces

   Element:              Water

   Ruling Planet:       Mars/Pluto

   Ruling House:     Eight

   Polarity:                Negative

   Season:                Autumn

   Perfume:              Tuberose

   Lucky Number:  2 & 4

   Lucky Gem:         Topaz/Opal

Top Love Matches: Cancer


Scorpio is the zodiac’s master sensor. None, nobody could keep her from finding the secret truth, whether there’s anything or anyone Scorpio would like to know about. It is as though she is obligated to know all the secrets though she wants to use them to show her power.

Scorpios are equally eligible to hide them from others when it comes to their own secrets. They stop other people from being in control over them in this way. For the same reason, they seldom volunteer information. Scorpios are one of the greatest obstacles to deal with force in all its forms. Most life objects, including money, sex, authority, and knowledge, are impregnated with overtones of power for Scorpio. The majority of Scorpios are high and are aware of it. However, if a Scorpio questions its own strength, it’s so enticed that it’s able to almost do anything to achieve it. Obviously, this will place her in stressful circumstances.

The Scorpios, in most cases, areas fearless as the Scorpión, their most famous sign. But they can be so willing, like a scorpion, to bite anything that you bite yourself. Their strength is such that some can not believe that what they are saying really means. The strength of their passion is frequently mistaken by Scorpios. The other sign’s symbol is the Phönix, victorious from its own ashes. This archetype symbolizes the extremes usually drawn by the tag.

Scorpio with Astrological Sings:       

Scorpio is one of four astrological signs of the Fixed Sun (Taurus, Aquarius, and Leo are the other three). Stability and resolve are correlated with fixed signs. All of the hallmarks of a Sun sign are concentration, emphasis, consolidation, and stamina. Scorpio is the zodiac’s Set Water symbol. It is a water sign of three (Pisces and Cancer are the two others) at the zodiac. Water is an emotion, vulnerability, vulnerability, and a secret part of Scorpio. Even the waters flow deep in the Scorpio event.

The lesson that Scorpios should learn is that their life does not give them like many high experiences as they want. You come into this world with the Scorpio astrological sign, and you want to learn how you can function your powerful will on the world. The Scorpio sign is magic, and Scorpio wants to change their lives tremendously, the types of changes that other people find almost magic.


  • Is loyal to family and home.
  • Is intensely loyal to friends.
  • Passionate about beliefs.
  • They Never forgive or forgets.
  • Is relentless about winning.
  • Flirts only when seriously.
  • Interested has very high standards.
  • They Can be a saint or a sinner.
  • Has to maintain his dignity.
  • Force to be reckoned with.
  • Give ruthlessly honest advice.
  • Pursue interests with great zeal.
  • Be quite secretive.
  • Will work behind the scenes.



1) Sensual

2) Passionate

3) Intense concentrators

4) Magnetic and dynamic

5) Protective of loved ones


1) Moody

2) Self-destructive

3) Suspicious

4) Jealous and possessive

5) Ruthless and vindictive


1) Privacy

2) Being home

3) Mysteries

4) Money & gifts

5) Powerful people


1) Feeling exposed

2) Shallow relationships

3) Demeaning jobs

4) Too many compliments

5) Mysteries they can’t solve


The three completely different types of body structures and features are common, but each in a completely different way for people born under this symbol. The first of these is around a slightly unsearchable body form, surrounded by a somewhat flat face with large eyes. The second is a small thin body, characteristic of the jockey, which has a sharp-angled profile, a broad nose, and an expression that is very severe or fierce. 

Second one is around medium height and thin. The second one is a variable. The characteristics are solid, and when the face is relaxed, the expression is severe. When Scorpios get thin, they remain like that for the rest of their life. However, they remain as though they are overweight. Scorpios, in short, look either very good or quite straightforward. The majority of Scorpios make fearless contact with the eye, and some look absolutely magnetic and penetrating. Most of them have dense, plentiful, wavey hair, which a hairdresser needs very little care. Their pattern of going oddly blank when thinking will make others think of them as dumb — and Scorpios are not dumb.


Scorpio tend to be any kind or nothing and while some astrology books warn us that Scorpios are exaggerated, obsessed, unsustainable and volatile, the reality is that these people have incredibly powerful emotions that can bubble up to the surface fast. Many love animals and find them easier to relate to than people, but many love and love the family. The secrecy of Scorpio is popular, but anyone who tries to keep secrets from it must be cautious!


There are occasions when Scorpios work on a mixture of intuition and reasoning, but all go out of the window and then run on adrenaline and emotion. This can make it difficult for friends and family to understand their actions.

Another issue is that their moods rapidly shift from elation to sadness, which may make people reluctant to interact with them.

They always find their hearts right and don’t intend to hurt them, but they can cut their sharp, critical tongues easily. At times their weirdness is triggered by other people’s fear of censorship or ridicule, which makes them conciliative to bosses and people they are dealt with outside of their homes, but when they get home, they are able to take away their rage and resentment.


Scorpios often have rough early days and will harbor and often they see themselves as victims, deep resentments and riots towards those who harmed them in the past. They will become cynical and distrustful of the intentions of others from their early experience.

There are also several positive points, considering the negative aspects of the topics. They are generally highly loyal and faithful to people they like and trust and in most cases, they can be relied on. If the Scorpio there to give a friend, family or neighbors support. They have intrinsic strength and endurance, which contribute to tough circumstances and are typically won by their tenacity and determination. However, they fight hard for those that they love or for whom they advocate.


Scorpios are hard and trustworthy people but oddly enough, rather than being in charge, they prefer a position right below the top. You can lead if you need to, but better alone than yourself, you are more consistently an less emotionally or irrationally. They produce excellent lieutenants in such a situation that they can rely on when the chips are down. If they take up a project, they are structed, rational and systematic and can see it to the end. Their bravery, their tenacity and determination in tough circumstances is legendary. These people are the most dominant and weakest of all signals and must also be identified with those who hurt you, so do the ones who were there for you.


Scorpios can live alone, but this is typically not about choosing to live among lovers. Scorpios need gender, but they need love and affection more than anything else. They are incredibly loyal and intensely caring when they commit, and by dense and thin, they conform to a loved spouse. Scorpios are, however, still highly competitive and do not want to lean on or be obliged to others.

They are caring and very proud of their children as parents. Some of you can be rough on your children, or you can spill over your emotional need from adult relationships. As long as they avoid being critical, blame, or martyrdom, they will make the most beautiful spouses, parents, and friends. Deep-seated emotional issues that remain in infancy can later become anger, possessiveness, and irrational envy and can also ruin a good relationship otherwise.


The two attributes that make Scorpio a great friend are integrity and fairness. People born under the sign of Scorpio are strongly devoted and dedicated to their job. They are fast-witting and clever, so they’d better feel in the company of witty and funny people. They’re full of surprises and will give you everything you need, but once you let them down, they’re not going back again. Scorpios are very emotional; it is difficult to make people feel better when they are in pain. They are really committed and care for their families.


These active and energetic people receive significant, critical, and heavy work however, some find the way into the military, where they are enjoyed for their bravery and love of adventure. They always get their love of the sea into the marine. The same applies to police work, where they come to assist with their marvelous investigating instincts and interest in people. Scorpios may lead in psychiatry or psychology to this curiosity about human nature. Scorpios, which bring many of them into medicine, surgery, and function in the alternative fields of health, are of interest to biology and the workings of the body. There are many people who enjoy the drama of serving as drivers, paramedics, and surgeons. Moreover, the fascination for sharp objects and guns and the capacity to use different instruments, such as hunting, butchery, engineering, and dressmaking, can lead them into such diverse professions.


Maintaining anything for a rainy day is careful when it comes to money. Firstly some of them spend their own and everyone’s money very freely, but most of them are hard laborers who can still make money from a hole, even if possible, by taking a moonlight at an additional job. Secondly Scorpio hate spends money on needless things, and they are not in a state of depression to run to the shops. When you spend money, you do so just as you do all the other things; that is to say, in style and greatly. Some are nice for their mates, but they are attentive to strangers. Some of them are so stingy.


When Scorpios gets sick, they do a fine job and seem to be engaged in death-defying activities, but all those who write it down will be shocked to solve difficulties and recover well. They are really good patients, and even those who normally make their families nuts are no problem in illness. Don’t worry about it, because you do your best to heal because you take the right measures. They hit a decent healthy age before they die very soon. Digestion, the bacterial organs, and the backbone are the weak points of Scorpio.


Echo behind us: Okay, to scream. Scorpio attempts to appear difficult to fully cut off its weak hand, appearing dumb, unaware, and cold. Emotional communication is terrifying, but knowing what to do is vital to Scorpio because it can only work long before it gets difficult to show the “I don’t care” veneer!


Scorpios are competitive and the best they love. This means that they practice their competence in sport, education, and everything else.

Scorpios eat fruit and vegetables, but they have a sweet tooth as well.

Most Scorpios like music and find that listening or playing music offers an immediate way out of their anxious and rooted emotions but, their sensitive hearing separates them from the style of music that they prefer. Furthermore, they don’t like noisy sounds, like the road to living or work.

Scorpios are either genuinely beautiful, caring, generous, or completely cruel and egotistical.

The motto of the Scorpio is: do it correctly if you do something.


All about secrets is Scorpio. There is an individual inside a traditional Scorpio so guarded that the secrets of Scorpio are always kept hidden. Both Scorpios love the secret nature of their true nature moreover,  they feel open to questions about thinking and behavior so that those born under their Sun signs can choose to stay away, who will possibly penetrate their emotional armor. Their practices control with thought, mind, and instinct.


Scorpio has the option of who to hang out with, and everyone is delighted, captivated, and, well, a little scared of them. They are prone to do its own thing and are not pulled by peer pressure. Scorpio adores fine food, fancy restaurants, and access to the A-list and likes to peek at a party behind the scenes because of, this, they prefer to make friends with musicians, chefs, and others who set a town’s rhythm. Furthermore, they are also a city’s heartbeat and feel that a career is always perfect that can balance their social life and real life.


  • They love with great depth. There is nothing superficial in the way they love a person.
  • Nobody does “intensity” better!
  • They are funny.
  • They are amazingly resourceful and importantly never quit.
  • You can trust them to keep your secrets and it would be helpful.
  • They need to be in control.
  • They are mysterious.
  • Have a volcanic temper.
  • They have psychic abilities and muscles.
  • They love intimate sex.


A Scorpio will never trust anyone, and they dislike nothing more than sharing their secrets with someone they don’t know. Sadly, this is often incredibly risky for a relationship because it makes it impossible for you to trust them completely.


Taurus is the complementary sign of Scorpio, and while the two share the virtues of loyalty, commitment, and enthusiasm, in other respects, they are very different. Taurus has the temerity to bring Scorpio back to earth with her own common-sense approach to living, and although Taurus is drawn to the mystical beauty of Scorpio, she is not overcome by it. Scorpio will bring out the divine potential in the earthy nature of Taurus, while Taurus teaches Scorpio how to be careful and sociable.


In general, if people display the characteristics typical of their sign, intimate relationships between a Scorpio and another individual can be described as follows:

Check out our compatibility chart for more insights:

Compatibility With:














   Turbulent, an almost impossible meld unless love finds a way.

   Difficult, yet Taurus can bring Scorpio down to earth.

   Turbulent, because free-spirited Gemini won’t be controlled.

   Harmonious, a romance of great intensity.

   Difficult, but exciting as lovers.

   Harmonious, so long as Scorpio doesn’t try to dominate Virgo.

   Harmonious, thanks to Libra’s amiability and poise.

   Pleasurable; two souls bound together by passion and honor.

   Harmonious, with Sagittarius’ sense of fun a positive factor.

   Harmonious, if Scorpio knows how to light Capricorn’s fire.

   Difficult, but a brilliant match when it works.

   Harmonious; one of the most intense & passionate love matches.


Listen carefully to Scorpio with full attention. There is no way to fake it. Scorpios always know when you’re pretending, and before there’s even a beginning, that will be the end.

Recall an overarching trait of Scorpio: curiosity. Never say anything happened to a Scorpio without providing the how or why otherwise, you’ll be listed as either bland or shallow if you leave that out. With individuals born under this signal, neither type gets far.

They appreciate most types of recreation, particularly water sports. You and Scorpio would have too much in common if you are the kind who likes a day on the beach or to be out on a fishing boat or to take a waterskiing lesson. Scorpios often love celebrations, social events, charity bazaars, and places where successful people can be identified with them.

Importantly, please remember to be polite if you get into an argument (and you shouldn’t be with someone born under this sign). Scorpios are proud, serious, and don’t think they should trifle with any of their views, even good-humorously.